Game Mess Mornings 6/22/22

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to discuss Final Fantasy 16, Activision, and more.

News expert Jeff Grubb is here to dish out all of the hottest news!

Jun. 22 2022

Cast: Jeff Grubb, Lucy

Posted by: Jason

In This Episode:

Final Fantasy XVI

Episode Notes:

00:00 Intro

06:10 FFXVI isn't open world

9:15 FFXVI needs mature rating

12:30 Clive-age

16:30 MK 12 teased by voice talent?

21:30 ATVI shareholders vote to share harassment report

28:30 Big Phil, Bigger Reggie, and Lil' Jimmy

28:55 ATVI shifting games up

33:20 New Sega reveal?

37:20 COD update

40:20 Gotham is big

43:30 Forza update

46:00 No More Heroes III ports

47:00 The Ketchup

47:25 Fall Guys is free -- you playing?

49:00 Are in-person events fully back?

57:48 Poll: Big Nintendo Direct coming?

1:01:20 Up next on Giant Bomb!

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