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Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 3

We've reached the FINAL night and we've got a banger of a lineup. We got the pleasure to hangout with some dear friends around the industry and we got Phil Spencer and Matt Booty to pop onto the couch!

The eternal battle between Giant Bomb and the Electronic Three rages on.

Jun. 12 2023

Posted by: Jan

Episode Notes:

00:00- Segment 1: Kurt Indovina, Jessica Howard, Jean Luc Seipke, Jake Dekker

43:20- Segment 2: Rebekah Valentine, Kat Bailey, Daniel Bloodworth, Moises Tavares, Imran Khan, Eric Van Allen

01:15:14- Segment 3: Pat Spencer and Matt Booty

02:19:35- Segment 4: John Davison, Ronnel Crawford, Riana Manual-Peña, Danny Peña, Ethan Gach

02:55:17- Segment 5: Patrick Klepek, Emma Fyffe, Bailey Meyers, Mike Minotti