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Metal Gear Scanlon

Metal Gear Scanlon: V - Part 01

D has come to.

Drew Scanlon attempts to go on as many sneaking missions as he can find.

Sep. 20 2015

Cast: Drew, Dan

Posted by: Jason

Episode Notes:

We encountered a bit of occasional audio crackle during the recording, but decided to roll with it and pretend that we had pieces of shrapnel, human bone, and human teeth lodged in our ears.

All is well for the next episode.


Story spoiler and related discussion will be permitted up to and including events that have occurred in the current video. No discussion of future story events for things Drew hasn't played or seen yet will be allowed in the comments sections, whether they are in spoiler blocks or not. If you want to talk about what happens in some later mission, or the ending, please find an existing topic on the forums or wait until Drew gets there in his play through.