Giant Bombcast Aftermath: Santa Loves Snow With Jeff and Ben

This week we talk about anxiety gaming, collectors editions, and bathroom stalls.

Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!

Nov. 7 2018

Posted by: Ben


billmcneal • 

Santa in the southern hemisphere doesn't love the snow

TGJessie • 

That's why we get the Anti-Santa!

Tr0n • 

"I've seen my bosses dick." - Ben, 2018

TGJessie • 

Jeff was right to be sorry for the music closing this out.

hassun • 

Anxiety and bathroom stalls are a full circle venn diagram.

If possible, find the bathroom that is farthest away from everyone and use that one.

csand • 

Annoyed Grunt as the outro was an excellent pick.

AzureGale • 

The Big Bang Theory is nerd pumpkin spice

JohnNobody • 

that quiet man producer sounds so far up his own ass that he can't see sunlight.

BisonHero • 

Big Bang Theory being nerd blackface is obviously being a little overdramatic, but it's pretty sad how outdated and stereotypical its depiction of nerds is, yet the public eats that shit up. It just seems like it panders so hard to the baby boomer perception of what a nerd was back in like, the 70s. Specifically, all the male leads have abnormally high interest in comic books by today's standards yet the characters basically only reference Marvel and DC superhero series; for nerds their age, it's really hard to believe that they wouldn't have picked up some slightly more esoteric or cult preferences, but the show's characters basically never makes a reference to anything the general public wouldn't have heard of.

There's just such a breadth of nerd hobbies and types of nerds the show could've been with a bunch of modern 30-something nerds, and every single character feels like this lazy caricature of what a 30-something 1970s nerd was.

Not to mention how insulting it is that they make all the nerd hobbies out to be a thing only the boys are interested in; even as they added 2 non-Penny female leads to the show that are very intelligent and work in technical fields, they rarely get involved in the nerd hobbies and seem to exist to make the male leads into better husbands.

It just seems shallow and disingenuous on so many levels, and is emblematic of all the problems with American sitcoms.

threeOCT • 

How is this episode not called 'I Saw My Boss' Dick With Jeff & Ben'?

footmunch • 

The closing 'song' is a crime against humanity.

It may sound like a crazy thing to say, but Resident Evil Remake is an anxiety-relieving game for me. It's mainly because I just know that game inside and out, and the music in that game is hauntingly beautiful and serene (especially the save room music.)

Is that mug shot cocaine-era Tim Allen?

I'm with Jeff on the ice, but for a different reason.

I always feel like the icecubes extract the flavor from the coke and make it all very watery and bland.

Arghron • 

Hey guys, can you try using other sections of the 'New Old Skool'? Really need to highlight more of this fly song.

i love ac odyssey and have not felt once my time was being wasted. i dont have to sit and wait over and over for animations or forced to travel somewhere on foot instead of being able to quickly fast travel.

rmanthorp  Moderator • 

Big Mouth Mood

(also I totally do the tetris anxiety coping thing)

Spindini • 

Assasins Creed Odyssey is a great game. This whole "respect your time" thing is the worst. So tired of hearing that. How did Destiny respect your time, how does Dota respect your time? Those games are built on repetitive play. The only difference is they liked that game so they dont use the respect your time argument.

Spindini • 

Also Jeff love clickers but Red Dead doesnt "respect his time."

threeve703 • 

Ok I need that incredible remix at the end of the episode

Ok I need that incredible remix at the end of the episode

Same. I must experience this fresh~ hell in the highest resolution possible.

JStaunton • 

Not to defend the Red Dead 2 Collectors edition (I bought it...), the only website/store selling it here in the UK did specify that it didn't come with the game, plus the guy who rang in was shocked that a $100 collectors edition didn't include the game, but given how sizeable the red dead 2 CE box is, $100 for that and the game would actually be good value.

As it is, $100 (or £90 in the UK) is not good value for what you get in it...

@president_evil: it's from the excellent remix album mouth moods. All three albums are worth checking out http://www.neilcic.com/mouthmoods/

thatlad • 

The question about "respecting the person's time" is a great point. A lot of origins content was pointless. Value for money is factored into reviews so value of time is just as important.