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Giant Bomb Presents: Talking Firewatch with Sean Vanaman and Rich Sommer

Austin chats with game designer Sean Vanaman and actor Rich Sommer about Firewatch's development, the joys of voice acting, and a few esoteric board games.

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Feb. 10 2016

Posted by: Austin

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Far Cry 2

Episode Notes:

Heads up, I say this in the intro but I wanted to repeat it here: The audio starts great and then... it gets much less great. (That said, thanks to Twitter users @KeithJCarberry, @ali_west, @brutushayeosu & @InaudibleWhisper for their help with the audio!)

If you still have the old file on your pod listening device, delete that file and redownload and you should get the better version.

Additional heads up, some light spoilers in the cast, if that's a thing that you're concerned about!