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One of the rarest species of Darkspawn, the Shriek is the result of a captive Elf female taken to the Deep Roads and put through the process to transform her into a Broodmother. The children she produces eventually mature into Shrieks. While few in number Shrieks are lethal on the field of battle, and they can take down multiple foes before the enemy is even aware of their prescense. Shriek rarely appear at anytime other than a Blight, and it's rare to see them on the Deep Roads or other Darkspawn controlled territory.


The Shrieks name is derived from it's favorite method of attack, when not mauling it's foe, the Darkspawn is releasing a horrific howl that pierces the ears of nearby foes, stunning them, causing them damage and dropping the morale of any nearby enemy. The Shrieks cannot wield weapons like the other Darkspawn, but their long, jagged arm blades serve the same purpose of swords, adn they have a natural abillity to blend into shadow and turn invisible. One of their favorite tactics is to pounce on a foe, and can maul their captives untill they take enough damage to knock them off or the Archdemon's enemies die.


The creature's unique talents make them perfect assassins, and they are often used by the Archdemon on hit and run missions and for scouting.

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