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The Shrine of Worship is a primary location in Shadow of the Colossus. It is a towering temple centrally-located in the Forbidden Land that is associated with a mysterious entity called Dormin. The Shrine's upper door is connected by a massive stone bridge to the Forbidden Land's only known land entrance, which lies far to the north on the edge of a sheer cliff.

The Shrine's interior is a massive cathedral-like hall containing an altar and several large stone idols representing each of the sixteen Colossi. There is also a sunlit aperture in the ceiling through which Dormin's disembodied voice communicates with Wander, the game's protagonist. The temple's rear section holds a shallow pool at the bottom of a large spiral ramp leading up to the bridge. The exterior of the Shrine is crumbling and covered with moss; there is a garden at the top of the temple with small animals, fruit trees, and a skylight overlooking the temple's shallow pool.

Mono, a deceased maiden, is placed onto the Shrine's altar by Wander during the game's opening cutscene. She remains here for the entirety of the game as Wander completes Dormin's task of slaying the Colossi in order to restore her soul to life. Immediately after defeating a Colossus, Wander is rendered unconscious and mysteriously awakens back in the Shrine of Worship. The idol of the defeated Colossus implodes in a flash of light and Dormin reveals Wander's next target, a process that repeats until the game's conclusion.

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