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    Shu Takumi

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    A game designer and writer at Capcom who is the creator of the Ace Attorney series.

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    Shu Takumi (巧 舟) is a Japanese game designer and writer who is well known for his work on various Capcom games, most famously creating the Ace Attorney series.

    Early Game Development History

    Becoming an employee at Capcom in 1994, Takumi began his career by working in the consumer division's "training room" where new employees waited to be picked up by development teams to work on different projects. Eventually he was assigned to work on 1995's Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa Hanako-san ga Kita!! for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, where he was a planner on the title. After Hanako-san, Takumi brainstormed various projects for a few years ranging from educational games to ideas for a detective game that Takumi had been dreaming of creating since joining the company.

    However as Shu Takumi and his team began to make plans for what would eventually become Dino Crisis, his group was reassigned to Shinji Mikami's Production Studio 4 to help work on Resident Evil 2, which was going through development troubles at the time. This early version of Resident Evil 2, later called Resident Evil 1.5 by fans, was ultimately scrapped and development was restarted, throwing out all of the work Takumi and others had done on the title.

    Afterwards development resumed on Dino Crisis where Takumi guided the project as the game's director. However, still being very inexperienced at the time, Dino Crisis ran into development troubles of its own. Takumi's shaky leadership on the project caused him to be reassigned as a planner on the game and Shinji Mikami took over as director. However, Shu Takumi was given a second chance at directing with Dino Crisis 2 where he lead the project to completion and learned from the mistakes he made on the first game. The company Flagship created the scenario for the sequel and, through his interactions with the team, Takumi learned a lot about scenario development which would aid him greatly in his next project: Ace Attorney.

    External Links

    1. Takumi Special Interview - Dai Gyakuten Saiban Official Site (English translation).


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