Shubert Frigate

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    The Shubert Frigate is a two-seater convertible in Mafia II, heavily based on the Chevrolet Corvette C1.

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    The Shubert Frigate is a small sports car in Mafia II. The car is a less high-performance model, when compared to the likes of the Ascot Bailey and ISW 508, though it is still a good vehicle for use in getaways and chases. The Shubert Frigate is a lower-priced performance coupe, and the design influence is clearly the Chevrolet Corvette C1. Due to the small body of the Frigate, it is not advisable in situations where you may crash into other vehicles, as it is significantly weaker than most. A few crashes are enough to destroy the engine.  
    The Frigate can be exported at the docks, as it is a two-seater sports coupe. It is more common than other comparable vehicles, and for this reason it can be very useful when attempting to export five vehicles. The Frigate's first appearance as an integral part of a story is during Chapter 9, where you will be tasked with tailing one. However, the Frigate can be found during missions anywhere from Chapter 6. The Frigate is much like the real-life Corvette, appearing first in the 1950s.  

    Performance Information

    Standard Shubert Frigate 

     Max Power 152bhp
     Top Speed 104mph
      Weight 2851lb


    • The Frigate is the lowest value car that can be exported at Derek Pappalardo's crane in the docks. This reflects its basis as a lower priced, higher-performance car.
    • 'Shubert' is German, while 'Chevrolet' is French. Both countries neighbour one another, similarly to how the car influence and design is extremely similar too.
    • Corvettes and Frigates are both types of warship.
    • Luca Gurino owns an all-black Shubert Frigate, which you have to tail during Chapter 9.

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