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    Shun Akiyama

    Character » appears in 7 games

    A former homeless person who established his own loan company after a lucky incident.

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    Owner of Sky Finance, Akiyama makes his clients take tests based on the amount of money they want to borrow. These tests all vary wildly, Akiyma being keen to ascertain how serious each client is, he varies the requirements depending on their personality type.

    He often appears aloof regarding most matters, however, this hides a more pragmatic and thoughtful side. His reputation as a loan shark precedes him, his generous demeanour being well known amongst the public of Kamurocho.

    An entrepreneur, Akiyima does not run Sky Finance at a profit, instead he wishes to give back to the community, often helping those in dire financial situations. He takes in clients who have often exhausted every other avenue, often at the hands of more unscrupulous money-lenders. Much to the chagrin of these competitors, he offers his clients zero-interest rates, helping them to battle their debts. To this end, It is not unknown for him to completely wipe out the tab of a client.

    As such it is understandable that Akiyama has his fair share of enemies, his unorthodox business practices often hurting the organized racketeering that is carried out by the crime gangs of the area. An adept fighter, he often avoids confrontation unless he deems it necessary.

    He was once destitute, cast out by society after losing his job as an expert stock-trader. Spending much of his adult life as one of the homeless, he became part of the community that resided in the streets of Kamurocho . His fortunes changed after the explosion at the Millennium Tower; with money raining down from the sky, he gathered as much as he could. Using his previous knowledge of the stock market, he invested what little money he had managed to obtain, and made his fortune. He established his businesses with the money, opening Sky Finance, as well as hostess club Elise.

    Whilst living on the streets, he gained a great sense of humility. He often visits his old friends, always providing them with gifts of food and drink.

    He becomes embroiled in a conspiracy, when he begins to develop an interest in one his clients, Lily.


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