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Shyu's fancy guard. 
Shyu's fancy guard. 
A mysterious masked fighter who fights for the Holy Dark Empire. He uses a mix of martial arts and wrestling techniques. 
Age: 34(?) 
Weight: 97kg 
ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close Brain BusterLeft, down, up, heavy attack Shyu grabs the opponent and slams them on their head.
 Close Power Driver After landing a low attack, left, up-left, up, heavy attack Shyu comboes a throw from his low attack.
 Close Knuckle Shooter Rapidly press special Shyu punches rapidly at the opponent.
 Far Tornado Attack Left, right, down, left, special Shyu hurls a tornado at the opponent. This moves Shyu towards the opponent.
 Far Power Slide Up, down, right, left, special Shyu punches the ground, creating a shockwave which damages the opponent.
 * Tiger Suplex While moving forward, jump Shyu jumps behind the opponent and suplexes them. This can only be done while moving forward.

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