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    Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 04, 2003

    The second and final expansion of Civilization III with the inclusion of nine unique scenarios for even more added longevity.

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    • Mesopotamia
    • Rise of Rome
    • Fall of Rome
    • Middle Ages
    • Mesoamerica
    • Age of Discovery
    • Sengoku
    • Napoleonic Europe
    • World War II in the Pacific

    New Civilizations

    • Byzantines- Scientific/Seafaring, Leader: Empress Theodora, Unique Unit: Dromon (replaces Galley)
    • Hittites- Commercial/Expansionist, Leader: King Mursilis I, Unique Unit: 3-Man Chariot (replaces Chariot)
    • Incans- Agricultural/Expansionist, Leader: Sapa-Inca Pachacuti, Unique Unit: Chasqui Scout (replaces Scout)
    • Mayans- Agricultural/Industrious, Leader: Great Instigator Smoke-Jaguar, Unique Unit: Javelin Thrower (replaces Archer)
    • Netherlands- Agricultural/Seafaring, Leader: King William of Orange, Unique Unit: Swiss Mercenary (replaces Pikeman)
    • Portugal- Expansionist/Seafaring, Leader: Prince Henry the Navigator, Unique Unit: Carrack (replaces Caravel)
    • Sumeria- Agricultural/Scientific, Leader: King Gilgamesh, Unique Unit: Enkidu Warrior (replaces Warrior)
    • Austria (hidden)- Industrious/Militaristic, Leader: Emperor Charles V, Unique Unit: Hussar (replaces Cavalry)

    New Civilization Traits


    • Starting Techs: Pottery (Masonry if paired with Expansionist trait)
    • Bonuses: Base city squares produce 1 additional food. Irrigated desert squares produce extra food. Cheaper aqueducts, recycling plants, and solar plants.


    • Starting Techs: Alphabet (Pottery if paired with Commercial trait)
    • Bonuses: Higher chance of starting near ocean. Coastal cities receive bonus commerce. Ships have increased movement and less chance of sinking at sea. Cheaper water based city improvements (Coastal Fortress, Harbor, Offshore Platform, Commercial Docks).

    Civilization Trait Adjustments

    • Carthaginians to Industrial/Seafaring
    • Spain to Religious/Seafaring
    • England to Commercial/Seafaring
    • Scandinavia to Militaristic/Seafaring
    • Celts to Agricultural/Religious
    • Iroquois to Agricultural/Commercial
    • Aztecs to Agricultural/Militaristic

    New Governments

    • Fascism

    Increased worker speed, war weariness eliminated.

    • Feudalism

    Lessened corruption, heightened war weariness, unit maintenance cost increased, city improvement maintenance costs eliminated.

    New Great Wonders of the World

    • The Internet- Research Lab added to every continental friendly city. Triggers Golden Age.
    • The Statue of Zeus- Produces Ancient Cavalry unit every 5 turns for free. Rendered obsolete by Metallurgy.
    • The Temple of Artemis- Adds a temple to every city on the continent. Rendered obsolete by Education.
    • The Mausoleum of Mausollos- Makes 3 unhappy citizens content in city which built.
    • Knights Templar- Produces free Crusader unit every 5 turns. Rendered obsolete by Steam Power.

    New Small Wonders of the World

    • Secret Police HQ- Acts as second Forbidden Palace. Only available to build and under effect with Communism as government.

    New Units

    • Scientific Great Leaders- Used to boost science in a city for 20 turns or to hurry production.
    • Guerilla
    • Medieval Infantry- Upgrades from Swordsman
    • TOW Infantry
    • Ancient Cavalry- Created by Statue of Zeus wonder
    • Crusader- Created by Knights Templar wonder
    • Modern Paratroopers
    • Curragh
    • Trebuchet- Upgrades from Catapult, Upgrades to Cannon
    • Cruiser
    • Flak Cannon
    • Mobile SAM

    New City Improvements

    • Civil Defense- Provides a defense bonus against attack and bombardment.
    • Commercial Dock- Increase trade in every water square in city's radius. Only available for coastal cities.
    • Stock Exchange- Boosts tax output of city. Prerequisite for Wall Street small wonder changed from 5 banks to 5 stock exchanges.

    New Victory Conditions

    • Elimination
    • Regicide
    • Mass Regicide
    • Victory Point Scoring
    • Capture the Princess
    • Reverse Capture the Flag

    Online Play

    • This expansion pack featured online play featuring all the new victory conditions as well as Hotseat play and PBEM (Play by Email)

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