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Civilizednation 1

If you ever wondered what life would be like if you controlled the country you lived in, then you need to play Civilization IV. Civ IV (or Civ 4) puts you in control of a Civilization. The game comes with 18 Civs built right in, each with their own unique units and specialties. Civilization has unique peace/war system. Want to win the game without combat? Try a diplomatic or cultural victory. There is even a space race challenge where nations are determined to build their shuttle and reach the m...

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It's the little things 0

Civilization 4 is a turn-based strategy game in the enormous Civilization series.  Players take the role of a major world leader guiding their people from their fledgling start through history.  The game is pseudo-historical, in that it takes familiar places and people from history but puts them together in a fictional world.  I felt that Civ 4 was a pretty solid game, although it was a different experience than Civ 3.As in other Civilization games, each civ has one or more leaders, which have a...

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Civtastic 0

Probably the best turn based strategy game ever created. You won't know the true meaning of game addiction until you've come across the "Red Button", the most sadistic game feature ever created. Damn you Sid Meyer. Damn you for making me lose dozens upon dozens of hours that should have been used for my precious beauty sleep *shakes fist*...... *cough*... anyway. This game lets you play as a world leader, guiding your civilization through thousand of years from the most primitive eras to the fut...

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Lived up to the hype 1

I was not a huge fan of the turn-based isometric Civilization series of old. Civilization III was a good game that I played once or twice, but it never had enough to really make me strive for just one more turn. The Civilization games are empire building turn-based strategy games, although that may not sound very interesting, Civilization IV took a massive step forward for the franchise and the genre; it's is not just a game, it's an addiction.After following its development, Civilization IV is ...

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Sid Has Done it Again 0

The Civilization series is a turn based stratagy game were you control one of many nations on a world map and leed them through History and hopefully to victory. You start with a setaler and build a city and buil;d more citys and then an empire. Civilization 4 is no diffrient, but it fixes manny of the problems that other Civ games had.In Civilization 4, there are 6 ways to victory, some involving conquest, others involving having a Great deel of culture, science and even being Diplomatic. This ...

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The Best in the Series that Invented "One More Turn..." 0

Originally posted on my blogIf you’ve never played a game in the Civilization series, then you don’t know the meaning of gameplay addiction. I’ve played many games until ungodly hours of the morning, but the game series that has made for the most red-eyed, bleary mornings has got to be Civ. If it weren’t for Civilization IV, the best of the series would have been the sophomore outing, Civilization II. Not that III was no good, but it just kept too much the same while not making enough different ...

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