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    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

    Game » consists of 15 releases. Released Jun 13, 2008

    The long-running Civilization series of strategy games makes a brief (yet smooth) transition to both video game consoles and handheld devices with Civilization Revolution.

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    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is a turn-based 4X strategy game developed by Firaxis and published by 2K for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS on July 8, 2008. A spinoff of Sid Meier's PC-oriented Civilization franchise, the game is simplified for both seventh-generation video game consoles and handheld devices.

    Similar to the other games in the franchise, Civilization Revolution features a fast-paced alternate history in which players (as one of sixteen historical figures) develop a civilization alongside other civilizations, and attempt to win in one of many ways (such as capturing the capital cities of opponent civilizations or being the first to build and launch a space ship towards Alpha Centauri).

    A modification to the Nintendo DS version was released for all iOS devices on August 6, 2009 and all Windows Phone devices on March 26, 2012.


    Advisors pop up throughout the game with useful info and advice.
    Advisors pop up throughout the game with useful info and advice.

    In translating the Civilization experience to consoles Firaxis has a goal of integrating the rapid turn-based style of the original games with a more streamlined console-friendly control scheme. Like other Civilization games, players choose a historical figure such as Lincoln, Cleopatra, Stalin, Bonaparte and Catherine the Great to lead their civilization. With a scaled progression of time, your small village becomes a bustling metropolis as it moves through the ages. You may, with the advice of animated advisers that pop up throughout the game, decide to keep peace with other societies. On the other hand, you may decide to squash those poor, uncivilized tribes with an example of advanced firepower. The choice is up to you, though interactions with other leaders will be shaped with that character's historically-noted personality.

    As with all Civilization games, power is not the only route to victory. You are allowed to play in a number of different styles, each of which can lead to winning a match.

    • Domination: You must capture and hold each of the other 4 civilizations' capital cities.
    • Technology: Be the first to launch a space ship and discovery the planet Alpha Centauri.
    • Cultural: Acquire 20 Great Persons, wonders, and/or captured cities and build the United Nations wonder.
    • Economic: Amass 20,000 gold and build the World Bank wonder.

    Other single player modes include Game of the Week and Scenario. Game of the Week is a weekly match in which players compete asynchronously over the Internet. The map, starting location and competing civilizations are the same for everyone. The best scores are posted online, broken down by difficulty, to show you how you stack up against players around the world. To prevent cheating, the save option is disabled in this mode.

    Scenarios are unique matches that add their own win conditions and rules.


    In addition to the single-player mode, the game also has online support on consoles. This allows up to four human players and one AI player to compete in multiple modes of ranked or unranked matches.

    • Head-to-Head: Two human players face off against each other and 3 AI controlled civilizations.
    • Teams: Two teams of two humans and one AI civilization fight for supremacy.
    • Free-for-all: Four human players and one AI in an all out brawl to become the best civilization.


    There are sixteen civilizations in the game, each has unique attributes that they gain at the beginning of each era. Some civilizations have unique units as well.

    The Romans

    Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    Led by Julius Caesar, the Romans start the game with a Republic and Code Of Laws.

    • Ancient: 1/2 price roads
    • Medieval: 1/2 price Wonders
    • Industrial: More Great People
    • Modern: New cities have 1 population
    • Special units: Cataphract

    The Egyptians


    Led by Cleopatra, the Egyptians start the game with an Ancient Wonder.

    • Ancient: 1 food and trade from desert regions
    • Medieval: Knowledge of Irrigation
    • Industrial: 1 Rifleman movement
    • Modern: 50% Caravan gold
    • Special units: None

    The Greeks

    Alexander the Great
    Alexander the Great

    Led by Alexander the Great, the Greeks start the game with a courthouse.

    • Ancient: Knowledge of Democracy
    • Medieval: More Great People
    • Industrial: 1/2 cost Library
    • Modern: 1 food from sea regions
    • Special units: Hoplite, Trireme

    The Spanish


    Led by Isabella, the Spanish start the game with the knowledge of Navigation.

    • Ancient: Exploration cash doubled
    • Medieval: 1 naval combat
    • Industrial: 50% Gold production
    • Modern: 1 production from hills
    • Special units: Conquistador

    The Germans

    Otto van Bismarck
    Otto van Bismarck

    Led by Otto van Bismarck, the Germans start the game with automatic upgrades to Elite units.

    • Ancient: New Warriors are veterans
    • Medieval: 1 production from forest regions
    • Industrial: 1/2 cost Barracks
    • Modern: 2% interest on gold reserves
    • Special units: Panzer Tank, 88mm Gun, Heinkel Bomber, ME109 Fighter

    The Russians

    Catherine the Great
    Catherine the Great

    Led by Catherine the Great, the Russians start the game with a local area map.

    • Ancient: 1 food from plains
    • Medieval: New defensive units receive Loyalty
    • Industrial: 1/2 cost Riflemen
    • Modern: 1/2 cost Spies
    • Special units: Cossack Horseman, T34 Tank

    The Chinese

    Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong

    Led by Mao Zedong, the Chinese start the game with the knowledge of Writing.

    • Ancient: New cities have 1 population
    • Medieval: Knowledge of Literacy
    • Industrial: 1/2 cost Library
    • Modern: Cities not affected by Anarchy
    • Special units: None

    The Americans

    Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    Led by Abraham Lincoln, the Americans start the game with a Great Person.

    • Ancient: 2% interest on gold reserves
    • Medieval: Rush units at 1/2 price
    • Industrial: 1 food from plains
    • Modern: Factories triple production
    • Special units: Sherman Tank, Flying Fortress, Mustang Fighter

    The Japanese

    Tokugawa Ieyasu
    Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Led by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Japanese start the game with the knowledge of Ceremonial Burial.

    • Ancient: 1 food from sea regions
    • Medieval: 1 Samurai Knight attack
    • Industrial: Cities not affected by Anarchy
    • Modern: New defensive units receive Loyalty
    • Special units: Samurai Knight, Ashigaru Pikemen, Val Bomber, Zero Fighter

    The French

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Led by Napoleon Bonaparte, the French start the game with a Cathedral.

    • Ancient: Knowledge of Pottery
    • Medieval: 1/2 price roads
    • Industrial: 1 Cannon attack
    • Modern: 1 Rifleman movement
    • Special units: Trebuchet, Howitzer

    The Indians

    Mohandas Gandhi
    Mohandas Gandhi

    Led by Mohandas Gandhi, the Indians start the game with access to all the resources.

    • Ancient: Cities not affected by Anarchy
    • Medieval: Knowledge of Religion
    • Industrial: Settlers 1/2 cost
    • Modern: 1/2 cost Courthouse
    • Special units: None

    The Arabs


    Led by Saladin, the Arabs start the game with the knowledge of Religion.

    • Ancient: 50% Caravan gold
    • Medieval: Knowledge of Mathematics
    • Industrial: 1 Horseman/Knights attack
    • Modern: 2% interest on gold reserves
    • Special units: None

    The Aztecs


    Led by Montezuma, the Aztecs start the game with a wealth of gold.

    • Ancient: Units heal after combat victory
    • Medieval: Temples produce 3 science
    • Industrial: 1/2 price roads
    • Modern: 50% Gold production
    • Special units: Jaguar Warrior

    The Zulu

    Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu

    Led by Shaka Zulu, the Zulu start the game with overrun combat advantage.

    • Ancient: 1 Warrior movement
    • Medieval: Rapid city growth
    • Industrial: 50% Gold production
    • Modern: 1/2 cost Riflemen
    • Special units: Impi Warrior

    The Mongolian Empire

    Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan

    Led by Genghis Khan, the Mongols start the game with 50% trade from captured cities.

    • Ancient: Barbarian villagers join us
    • Medieval: 1 Cavalry speed
    • Industrial: 2 production from Mountains
    • Modern: Knowledge of Communism
    • Special units: Keshik

    The English


    Led by Elizabeth, the English begin the game with the knowledge of Monarchy.

    • Ancient: 1 Longbow Archer defence
    • Medieval: 1 naval combat
    • Industrial: 1 production from hills
    • Modern: Naval support doubled
    • Special units: Longbow Archer, Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire Fighter

    Key Features


    The Civilopedia acts as an in-game encyclopedia containing various aspects and help about the game. For example, the civilopedia contains:

    No Idea what this guy's talking about? Check the Civilopedia!
    No Idea what this guy's talking about? Check the Civilopedia!
    • Tech Tree information
    • City and Unit information
    • Historical text, pictures, and video detailing every aspect of the game
    • Resource requirements
    • Terrain Information
    • Upgrades and wonders information
    • Rewards

    Hall of Glory

    The Hall of glory contains all of the Great Leaders, Great People, and Wonders that you have unlocked.


    Scenarios are pre-determined objectives on cleverly-designed maps:

    • Attack of the Huns - Fiercer Barbarians
    • Chariots of the Gods - Bonus Tech and Faster Tech
    • Age of Imperialism - Bonus Naval support, large empires, and bonus tech
    • Apocalypse! - Late game start, Domination Victory only
    • Beta Centauri - All tech available
    • Blitzkrieg! - Fast units, tug of war
    • Golden Age - Less Barbarians, Increase Great People gain
    • Lightning Round - Sped up Game
    • Its Money that Matters - Begin with 1000 Gold
    • Eternal Kombat - Fast military Upgrades, 3 cities start, No peace

    Downloadable Content

    Single Player Map Pack: The Surreal (4 maps)

    • Atoll - Narrow Straits
    • Patterns - Balanced map w/ Artifacts
    • Mountains of Madness - As the name suggests, there are many mountains
    • Paisley - Snaking islands

    Pricing: Free

    Single Player Map Pack: The Brave New Worlds (4 maps)

    • Mazeworld - Mountainous maze-like map
    • Chokepoint - Consists of...chokepoints.
    • Donutworld - Donut-Shaped
    • Checkerboard - Small scattered islands

    Pricing: Free

    Scenario Map Pack: Victory Pack (3 Scenarios)

    • Enlightenment - Cultural Victory specific
    • Hyper Drive - Fast Space Race
    • Gold Rush - Gold Victory Specific

    Pricing: 100MS Points or $1.25 PSN

    Scenario Map Pack: Survival (3 Scenarios)

    • Ice Age - Ice covered continents
    • Global Warming - Seas have risen
    • The Eye - Faster units, bonus starting techs

    Pricing: 100MS Points or $1.25 PSN

    Multi player Map Pack: The Terrestrial (4 maps)

    • South Pacific - map designed after New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia
    • the UK - England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales map
    • Earth - Terrain modeled after globe
    • Equal Opportunity - All players have equal starts

    Pricing: 100MS Points or $1.25 PSN

    Multi player Map Pack: The Elemental (4 maps)

    • Fiery Axis - Naval combat on a map inspired by the Firaxis Logo
    • Starfish - Map shaped like a starfish
    • Oasis World - Deserts with scattered oases
    • Invasion USA - North America inspired map

    Pricing: Free

    Wonder/Artifact Pack: The Eternal (4 Wonders/ 2 Artifacts)

    • Ancient: Trajan's Column
    • Medieval: University of Sankore
    • Industrial: Eiffel Tower
    • Modern: Cristo Redentor
    • Artifact 1: Pharaoh's Needle
    • Artifact 2: Tesla's "Peace" Ray

    Pricing: 300MS Points or $3.75 PSN

    Wonder/Artifact Pack: The Ionic (4 Wonders/ 2 Artifacts)

    • Ancient: Coliseum
    • Medieval: Taj Mahal
    • Industrial: Statue of Liberty
    • Modern: Sydney Opera House
    • Artifact 1: Terracotta Army
    • Artifact 2: Sphinx

    Pricing: 300MS Points or $3.75 PSN

    Wonder/Artifact Pack: The Mythic (4 Wonders/ 2 Maps)

    • Ancient: Lighthouse of Alexandria
    • Medieval: Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • Industrial: Scotland Yard
    • Modern: SETI
    • Artifact 1: Camelot
    • Artifact 2: Tower of Babel

    Pricing: 300MS Points or $3.75 PSN

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution requires 6.3GB (with the newest update it only requires 4.9GB) of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.

    iPhone/DS/Windows Phone Versions

    The iPhone, DS, and Windows Phone versions of Civilization Revolution feature touch screen controls as well as simpler graphics, but still retain the same strategic gameplay structure as the other versions allowing players of any version to transfer their skills to the others. There is also a separate release for the iPad, featuring higher-resolution graphics and UI enhancements for the larger display.

    The DS version
    The DS version

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