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I played the x360 demo and I liked it. I have tried the older civ games but my problem is I always end up attacking tanks with cavemen. So my question is: is this game accessible for casual players that just like to chill and kind of just expand, explorer with a bit of warfare without getting ages behind in an isntant? Any of you guy have an oppinion on this? I really apreciate any help!

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Yes - all of the micromanagement (having to build individual workers and give them per-square assignments, for example) from the previous Civ games has been removed.

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This game makes the research pretty easy, and I've never been a very good researcher in older civs.

Basically, look in the upper right hand corner of your city map, and find the cities that are making the most amount of beakers, or research. Then build a library, and a university in those cities. Start researching Alphabet, and then Writing, and Literacy. If you get all of these first you'll get science bonuses. I would skip the great library (it never seems to do anything for me) and point towards University and Democracy as research goals. 

AFTER you have 100 gold (which will give you a free settler) start trying to purchase those lower level techs off of your rivals. You may have to research Bronze Working to get archer defense, if your rivals start messing with you. 

Also, with the technology win, you have to give the rival civs a lot of money and technology to placate them... or play a lot of defense and research weapons alongside science. I'm trying a technology win on Deity, for the third time, I can' seem to get it myself...
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Even though this is a slimmer version of the desktop Civs, it's one of those games that has things you can tweak and strategies to try that you just shouldn't bother with initially. Play at Chieftain. When you're winning at Chieftain and ready to learn more, dig into the extra menus and the civilopedia.

For instance, if you're not keeping up on science, you may need to switch some cities to producing science instead of gold, and build libraries and settle great scientists in those cities. Sometimes it's worthwhile going into the Manage Workers page and switching around workers so you're pumping science ... at least until you get that next tech that you need. Or perhaps switch to food, switching it back to balanced when your population hits the next level. Another thing you can do if you're falling behind is become a tech broker. Make contact your opponents and offer to sell them your techs. Sell the same techs to everone, and don't sell to anyone who is cash-poor. Likewise, buy all their available techs and resell them to the rich civs. In this way, everyone has the same techs, so you keep up, and hopefully you build a little cash in the mean time. At a certain point you may stop tech brokering and switch gears, particularly if you were focusing on growing population your centers instead of outputting science.

Remember there are four ways to win the game. Be flexible. If your goals of becoming a military super power are looking pathetic, switch gears. In previous civs it was smart to expand and build settlers, but despite the removal of city corruption as a game concern, you're much better off in Civ Rev focusing on five great cities than ten good ones. Focus each city on culture, science, gold, or military, which ever they're best at.

Also, personally, I love a good road system, so don't rush build all your cash away. :)
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Thanks for the awesome replies, I will pick it up soon!

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This was my first Civ game.

In my opinion it often ended up shooting itself in the foot trying to be too casual.

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