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A Console Strategy Game That Works! 0

Staring at the clock, you consider starting another match. “Hey, I’ll just set things up for when I play tomorrow!” you say. Three hours later, you’ve finished another Civilization Revolution match, and you’re left wondering where the time went. Sounds like a Civilization game, doesn’t it? If you’re a veteran of the series, that’s music to your ears. That’s always the concern with PC strategy games making the jump to consoles — does it feel like the PC game? Too many times gamers have been doubl...

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Sid Meier has done it again!! 0

One of the reasons that PC gaming remains as strong as it does is because it is almost impossible to port certain games to consoles. You can quite easily push over a first-person shooter, but real-time strategy and MMORPGs are awkward at best. The most difficult, however, are turn-based strategy titles that require obscene amounts of micromanagement, where a keyboard and a mouse are almost required to play the game correctly. Of these games, one of the most popular is Civilization, which is a co...

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Sid Meier loves to steal your free time. 0

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360, DS)PUBLISHER (2K Games)PRICE $30 (DS) - $60 (PS3, Xbox 360)ESRB RATING (E for Everyone)PLAYERS (1-4)   Some games are a true struggle to review. This is the case with Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution. Not because it is bad in any way, but simply because I am not that good at it. What makes me confident enough to review the game despite my weakness at playing it is easy to describe. Despite the fact that I have yet to win a mat...

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Alot of fun 0

When I first saw the game it looked interesting and I thought I would give it a try. Its a nice looking game as a game like this should look like. The game play is really easy to learn ad I put it in and skipped the game showing you how to play. As I play more you learn more what to do and can really get into and there lots you can do. So of the battles that happen can get abit annoying as some don't make sense as old riftmen take down your bomber no problom. Moving to army to army can get abit ...

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An addicitve game that is easy to jump into. 0

Sid Meier is a genius. Nearly every title he has ever made from Civilization to Pirates has been critically acclaimed and with good reason, they are fun to play. Civilization Revolution is no different in this regard though it is different in comparison with other titles in this beloved series.The Civilization games are a strategy series in which you pick a (surprise, surprise) civilization and guide their hand through time building cities, discovering technology, forging alliances with other em...

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A console RTS that makes sense 0

I've been a Civilization fan since the first one.   I always loved how I felt like I was Ceasar or Neopolian.  Each civilazation was unique and were interesting to play.   This version is no different.  The controls are great for being a console RTS.  The way to victory has 4 different paths.  There is the Cultural Victory where you Build a certain number of wonders or have important people join your society.  The Milliatary victory where you dominate your opponents by capturing their capitals. ...

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Civilization Revolution 0

  When it was announced that Firaxis was going to make a console version of Civilization I was skeptical to say the least. Civilization and other 4X games (which stands for "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate" a term coined by Alan Emrich during his Masters of Orion preview for any game in the vein of Civilization) have always seemed too large in scope and too dependent on keyboard and mouse to ever make that leap. I was wrong, I’m happy to report, but I was not entirely wron...

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Great Game 0

I've played all of the civilizations and this is another great one, but not the best.  All in all, it's a great game that satisfies my conquer-the-world appetite. I honestly think if I had never played a civilization game before civ:rev then I would most likely enjoy everything this one offers me.  Unfortunately, I suppose I was spoiled with the PC versions.  Civilization Revolution is a great game though and with the DLC ideas I've read on the forums it will have great replay value.  I just wis...

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Civ lite 0

    Well it's been stated before but I'm sure most fans of Mr. Meier's opus were loath to think that a translation to consoles would be anything more than a colossal failure. Who were we to doubt? Personally I've whittled away quite a few hours on this game that I think is quite addictive, well animated and, well, just fun. It falls short of that true Civilization zen especially as the matches drag on, and a sparse feature set may have you thinking twice about the mileage you may get but given a...

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Restrictive but Fun 0

Civilization Revolution is like going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish only to have the waiter hand you 1/2 of your order and walk away.Civ Rev is a good game, especially for console owners who haven't had the pleasure of playing Civilization IV or any of the expansions but to those who have experienced what the PC games were like, Civ Rev will feel stripped and might have you jump back on your PC to satisfy your craving for world conquest. The game does feel tailored ...

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Do the Revolution, baby! 0

Long held as a stalwart on the PC, Sid Meier's long-running Civilization series has never had a true and faithful built for consoles version.  That is *dramatic pause* until now!  Yes, built from the ground up, Firaxis and it's head man Sid Meier bring to PS3 and Xbox 360 the incredibly stream-lined Civilization Revolution.  Though fans of the PC games may not see much reason to delve into a seemingly stripped down version of the complex series, those who have never played a Civ game, or those j...

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A must-have for any console gamer who loves strategy games 0

"Civilization Revolution" is a well-crafted turn-based strategy game that brings out the best the genre has to offer, without being handicapped by the limitations of console controls. Players build their own civilizations from ancestral beginnings up through the modern age. There are four possible ways to win: researching the most advanced technologies, gathering the most wealth, cultivating the most culture, or conquering the most foreign capitals. The branching paths to victory provide a leve...

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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 0

Civilization Revolution, or CivRev, is an attempt to move the turn based Civilization game series to consoles.  And it does it surprisingly well.  As a long-time fan of the series, I can attest to the many hours I have already spent immersed in this game and attempting to play it on even higher difficulties.  Now, while it may seem strange that I would give this game five stars while others do not, I do so because I do not believe in lowering a score because some people will not like that type o...

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Ghandi, Napoleon, Lincoln all the greats will meet at last... 0

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is what you'd normally expect from a Sid Meier game - it meets the high standards set by the previous games in the franchise and puts a few interesting twists on to make your time more interesting. Though, it's really fun to watch your nation develop and simply crush other nations while you're building the Stonehenge wonder, there's the problem that's haunted every Civilization game - repetitiveness. Once you've achieved all the victories, even on the lowest d...

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The Imperfect Pick-Up-And-Play Game 1

This is a great game. Simply stated, for a simple game. Micromanagement and the like have been shaven off of the game, but not so much to make this game unsubstantial. That said, this game plays incredibly. Words don't describe how awesome it is to lower the difficulty settings to Chieftain, advance your civilization, and then mow down enemy legions with a Sherman Tank. But at the same time, playing on higher difficulties is also great. The satisfaction of finding out the exact right way to outd...

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Doesn't Feel like a Civilization 0

This game was disapointing for me, because it's just not a civilization. I was expecting civilization game like the cilvilization II for the pc cause it's thelogical step. Insted we got a game more similar to the snes civilization home version from the 90's but whith prettier grafics and whitout the custcenes.The game system is radically changed to make it more fluid and quick, culture plays a great part in the game since it trigggers the great people that gives you boost to your city's and grea...

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Civilization: A bad port, but such a great game 0

After playing Civilization: Revolution, i have to say that Sid Meier is one of the most intelligent game creators out there.  Dare I say that his likeness belongs up there with guys like Will Wright.  What makes me say this is that Meier, along with Firaxis,  was able to come up with a concept that seems rather silly and make it totally addictive.  Who ever thought that someone could make a game about history fun?Before I even played Civilization I had several assumptions.  First off, I thought ...

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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolutions 0

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is the turn based strategy game that console owners have been waiting for! Sid Meier has been making Civilization games since 1991 and has improved on each installment him and his team have released for the PC. As you probably know, on the PC Civilization is considered as somewhat royalty; so the idea that they could take one of the most complicated PC strategy games and make it rock hard on the console is a long shot. According to me, they nailed it.        ...

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Civilization has become civilized! 0

I am weakest at strategy games, Real-Time being the worst for me.  I think the last real-time strategy game I played was Homeworld and I played it because it was visually stunning.  If I am to play a strategy game, I prefer the turn based games.  Games like Ascendancy, and Galactic Civilizations, and even then I am not very good at the games, and they don't keep my attention.Well a friend of mine mentioned that his roomate tried a demo of Civilization Revolutuion for the 360 and that his roomate...

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my first RTS is a great experience 0

i have never played a RTS before..i dont know why..they just never seemed to interest me..but i decided to try one i  picked up Sid Meier's Civilization Revolutionand i must say..i really really need to play more RTS's..its a great great game..everything moves easily, some little control issues when trying to pick where to go, but thats mainly it..the menus are very easy to follow and they tell you very clearly what each one of them doyour goal in this game is to start a civilzation and ...

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Cultural Domination has never been this fun. Save Point Review. 0

Sid Meier, una de las grandes mentes para el genero del Real Time Strategy (RTS) , nos ha bendecido con este juego para los dueños de consola. La transición de un RTS a consolas no ha sido una química que se pueda balancear. En la PC hay tanto opciones y teclas para manejar todo para un RTS, pero el control de la consola esta limitado a menos de 10. Pero gracias a el este hechizo se rompe. Civilization Revolution es unos de los juegos subestimado del año 2008. Desde el principio puedes aprec...

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is swell for a short while 0

 sid meiers civilization revvolution is a game that i found is a perfect weekend rental it is a ok game but it is at its best when played at long bursted. let me tell you why the begining i found was pretty unswell by the time i got to the end though i felt like it had stepped up its game becasue you could make battle planes mordern infintry and tanks and did i have a swell time with those tanks. but after i beat it i felt that i should have been able to go on further but they didnt let me. and ...

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Civilization on consoles?!?! 0

When we usally here the words "console strategy game" we usally immediately dismiss the game as rubbish. But it seems like Civilization is the ray of sunshine we've all been looking for. Now at its base this is a civilization game, its turn based and centred around nations going from the birth of cities to the space race and modern times. Players try to dominate their opponents through military means by capturing all the capital cities, getting superior culture and building the United Nations, g...

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A modern day Risk for the masses. 1

Civ Rev is the first game of the series that I have touched. From what I hear, this is a more stripped-down version of the game, but just as addictive and fun. The reason for this is because it's on a console, and what they do with the game is take away the more tedious processes while tuning the controls making it easy for any strategy lover.Pros+Addictive and strategic.+Intuitive interface.+Charismatic leaders.+Interesting progression of civilizations.Cons-Your advisors speak annoying gibberis...

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Crush the World in the Palm of your Hand! 0

In a nutshell, Civilization Revolution for the Nintendo DS is 99.9% the same game that you'll find in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.  The differences between the DS and the console versions is so minute that they're really not worth mentioning and certainly don't take away from the overall enjoyment of the game.  The game itself is classic Civilization -- in fact, the DS with its simplified presentation and graphics, will probably bring a smile to any old school Civ or Civ 2 fan, the w...

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First Civilization Game... I know, I know... 0

With this being my 'it's about time' introduction to the Civilization franchise, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gameplay seems to be fairly straightforward, while still maintaining some amount of challenge. The control scheme on the console works, but doesn't really pass with flying colors. Multiplayer is a ton of fun, though, assuming you can find someone online who wants to play through an entire game. It may not be the Mecca of strategy games like some hail it, but it's more-or-less t...

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What does a rotten heap of cheetoes, a desk covered in mountain dew, and couple of callus on your fingers have in common? Civilizations. Civilizations is a series that has become known for its addicting gameplay, over the top animated portrayals of historical figures, and gameplay that is fulfilling. Civilization Revolution is Sid Meier's newest attempt at bringing an experience that will leave you wanting to click end turn just one more time......*Scroll the clock forward five hours* Just one m...

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Simple in All the Right Ways 0

I am a long time Civ player on the PC, and I have to say I was a little nervous about this console adaptation.  But Sid Meier came back to actively work on the development and nailed it.  Revolution drops some of the intricacies of Civ IV while keeping every bit of the fun.  From battle animations to background art, CivRev looks, well, fun.  But don't let it fool you.  This game can make you work for a victory at the harder difficulty levels.  It is still incredibly deep and satisfying.  I never...

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Who put that R in Evolution? 0

If you are a follower of the Civilization Series, which grew more complex with each iteration, you're first impression of this console-title probably is disappointment. But do not fret, the promissed Revolution may be postponed, but the evolution of this PC-Classis to a accessable Console-Version has succeeded!Civ Rev fits you in the shoes of one of 16 historical leaders, to lead your country from a small tribe to a dominating nation. You start with a settler in 2000 BC and from there on your ch...

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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Review 0

The basic premise of Civilization Revolution, much like its predecessors, is to pick one of sixteen great civilizations of history and lead them, starting from humble beginnings in the year 4000 BC.  After that point, everything else is up to you.  The game is played much like a board game, moving units across a randomly generated world turn by turn, with unexplored lands covered in a fog.  Eventually you try to achieve one of four victories.  The first is that rather straightforward Domination ...

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The Jamerific Review for Civilization Revolution 0

After playing the game for several hours, and being the first Civilization game I have ever played, I say it was pretty fun. Cities are quite easy to manage, though the random maps you start on can affect if your going to do well early on or are in for a long tough struggle. Battles are much like a rock, paper, scissors game except your rocks can upgrade every 3 victories.The characters though cartoony are still highly detailed, and I mean HIGHLY detailed! Is it just me or is cosmetic surgery an...

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Let's conquer the world! 0

I'm a huge Civilization fan, so I not going to go into a too lengthy and possible bias review. Yet I will give my piece of praise to this installation of the series. First off, it's a great game for those with little to no experience in turn-based strategy games, owning to simple controls and a huge in-game information resource. Second, I love the graphics. Dynamic cities, easy to understand armies, and dancing bears (yup, you read that right). Finally, for us who have played Sid Meier's previou...

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A new fan. 0

I have never been a fan of RTS games in any way, whether it on console or PC.  The pacing just never did it for me.  Im more of an action game or racing game kinda guy.  I ended up buying this game mainly for my Girlfriend who I have yet to let play.Never has a RTS made me want to keep playing but I just couldnt stop.  The controls are simple to use and the interface is quick and clean which is not something we see very often on console RTS games.  My only gameplay gripe is the game can end too ...

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Civ rev iPhone 0

Presentation   I was satisfied by the graphics, this is not the game you come to for wow factor but it holds up respectably in the areas of visually presenting to you what is going on in the game so in that way it's good enough to pass in this area. Gameplay  The gameplay is just as it was in civ rev for ps3 and 360; and that is plodding but strategic. You will get the most enjoyment from this game by planning a long term strategy and playing accordingly there is not much strategy to be had on ...

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Civilization Revolution Review 0

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution finds its way on to the Apple platform with this port of the game. You will be playing the more basic version of Civilization as you try to win the game through several different means. Although this is a basic version of the Civilization franchise there is still enough to keep you hooked for hours.Graphically this game sits very well on the Apple platform. The units, cities, and pieces of the map are small, but not too small where the game is almost completel...

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Addictive but limited port of a classic PC Game 0

Civ Revolution on the X360 manages to maintain the addictive nature of it's PC counterparts without needing to chop too much functionality out.The interface has been simplified for the gamepad but I feel that there would have been scope for them to do more... why not create an advanced control scheme?  In particular, as each game comes to a close you are having to ferry units around the globe one by one which becomes tiresome.You need to maintain a careful balance between each of the 4 main meas...

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It'll have you hooked, for about a week. 0

I like this game, it was fun. The problem is that the depth wasn't there and I don't mean compared to the other civ games, I've never played any of them. I mean that just compared to any strategy game, the lack of any kind of story first of all leaves you with little incentive to even play through the first game let alone over and over again. The slightly higher difficulty doesn't even change AI either, it just takes away or adds on handicaps. The multiplayer is also jacked as the only reliable ...

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Great distillation of Civ 4 gameplay but... 0

I think Civ:Revolution is a great take on the classic Civ gameplay model, with things nicely simplified down to make it easy and fun to play on a console. However I think they may have gone too far, especially with the lack of world customisation. After playing quite a few games on my PS3 I started to long for the ability to create a continent for each faction (mainly because I was starting to tire of bumping into the other factions within a few turns!), and I actually ended up purchasing Civ 4 ...

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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Review EN ESPAÑOL 0

Reseña escrita por Ryan Davis, traducción por Darth Stone.   No es una transicion impecable, pero Civilization Revolution es un esfuerzo exitoso para traer a la celebrada serie de estrategia de Sid Meier a las consolas.    Aunque yo no tengo experiencia de primera mano con la serie de Civilization de Sid Meier, me siento confiado en decir que Civilization Revolution no es un juego hecho para los fans establecidos. Desarrollado específicamente para las consolas, Revolution adelgaza muchas de las ...

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Civ Lite 1

So I'm a big PC gamer. I'll try anything on a PC just to see how it goes try out the new graphic cards and see what the new machine can handle and all of that. The one game that got me into PC gaming the most was Civilization. Not anything you would write home about graphics wise or even something that would really take a toll on your CPU but it is what I think PC gaming is really all about. That single player sit at your computer and become the ruler of the world in the comfort of your own room...

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Amazingly Addictive 0

This game is near flawless for the genre, and will last you an extremely long time. It's hard to put your finger on what makes this game so fun, whether it's the always different scenarios, the technology planner guide that lets you choose your path as a civilization. If you're a fan of the genre, or a fan of the series, get this game. If not, highly consider it....

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Civilization Revolution 2

Reviewing Civilization is different from reviewing other games. It's not the graphics or the sound effects, things people are focussing on nowadays. It's not the fact that it is turn-based. It was done before. No. It's the concept that is so appealing. Or better, it's the feeling you get from playing the game with such a strong concept. It's human history in one simple game. It enables you to really really feel the power of being a world leader. On you it depends what will happen to your subject...

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shocked and amazed 0

So here i am at my playstation store looking for a good demo, So i see battle field bad company and i see civilization revolution. I've heard a lil bit about this game but not to much. i read and played a little civilization before so i knew what to expect so i said to myself battlefield for sure, that's the game that i want. Well when i went to download the Battlefield demo it just kept giving me an error message. so i said fuck it i'll download the Civ Rev demo first. The demo gets done downlo...

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Eh... 0

Civilization is an amazing series of strategy video games for the PC, now with Sid Meier himself returning to design the game, the game series goes to consoles. Is it worth conquering the world over? Kinda. If you've never played Civ, basically you control a civilization like the French, Americans, Russians, Germans, etc. Trying to conquer the world through military might, culturally, scientifically, or economically. Along the way you'll meet many other civiilzations trying to do the same as you...

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