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I was satisfied by the graphics, this is not the game you come to for wow factor but it holds up respectably in the areas of visually presenting to you what is going on in the game so in that way it's good enough to pass in this area. 


The gameplay is just as it was in civ rev for ps3 and 360; and that is plodding but strategic. You will get the most enjoyment from this game by planning a long term strategy and playing accordingly there is not much strategy to be had on the battlefield as you might say; what I mean by this is that the battles that occur usually involve pushing your armies to either side of the map and fighting it out, naval and air combat is less practical and ussually not effective but is fun to use and nucluer weapons are basically stupid because you can only use them once, they cannot be used on capital cities and afterwards you destroy a city which could have been more useful captured. So overall the gameplay has major faults but if you liked the previous games and are not bored of them by now it's almost the same experience. 


The sound in this game is really a joke, it is agrivating to listen to the little tivo sound they use and there's no music to speak of on their part, better off listening to your music while playing this one but not a big fault as they do let you listen to your own music 


overall this game is okay but not spectacular and it's especially not spectacular on the iPhone but again for those of us who've played the original and liked it it's basically the same game so have at it.

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