Another steam code for Civ 5 to give away

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Lots of these threads at the moment. I've got this through the xcom pre-order shenanigans on steam.

Anyways. Whoever links me to the funniest video (and say why its funny) gets it. You've got about 2 hours then I will pick a winner (probably at random).

Code might be region locked to EU since xcom is definitely EU locked. No way to tell though and I ain't gonna specify EU only. So free for all go. If it is region locked and the winner is US, then they can just pass it on to an EU user.

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Edit - (nevermind me)

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The Death Note reference is one of the major reasons why I love always laugh hard as hell at this.

Also, it's totally relatable, which makes it both funny and true. =D

And if you do figure out if it's EU locked or not, keep in mind that this Swede would love a copy even more. ;P

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i would love a copy but im a US user

thought it was hilarious myself

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One hour down. Currently MythDarK is taking it. I do love butters tho.

One hour to go.

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#6 Posted by PolyesterPimp (274 posts) -

Ok this was hilarious.

Or maybe I'm just easily amused

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brett farve football stolen

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Try not to laugh during this entire video.

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Done that? Now understand that the only people who knew what was going to be in the scene are the Emperor, the Roman soldier that does the talking, and the guy in the ragged clothing. Everyone else was told not to laugh during the entire scene. It's fantastic.

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Because it's hilarious AND catchy! A twofer!

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I would love a copy to play whilst I sit around off work with my broken leg so I present an amusing video.

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#10 Posted by Pazy (2753 posts) -
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Its not a funny video, that would be too dull!, instead its an inspiring video! This dude is pretty impressive.

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#11 Posted by AuthenticM (4301 posts) -

This video. Because Japan.

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#12 Posted by coribald (337 posts) -

Here's some Fry and Laurie. I challenge you not to laugh.

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Duder its over. Winner should be getting a PM in a couple mins. Thanks everyone for playing.

Mods please lock.

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