Garrisons after Gods and Kings expansion?

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Just curious if anyone who has installed and played the Gods and Kings DLC has had problems garrisoning units inside of cities. I'm playing as the Ethiopian culture and haven't been able to do it. The only option for the unit defensively is to fortify.

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I think it automatically garrisons your troops. I always just click fortify. One way to check (which I will do) is to get the one policy that allows garrisoned troops to cost zero maintenance and just see if your costs go up after you take the troop off the city tile. As a side note, the espionage is pretty awesome.

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@Patman99: I'll check that the next time I play through. Thanks for the tip.

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If a unit is in a city it increases the city's strength.

This means "alert" is usually your best bet, which is great, especially for ranged units.

Before you had to go and wake up a bowman to get him to fire at an enemy, now you don't, and the city still gets the bonus.

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You can check your unit list and see the status of the unit, it should say Garrison in City

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