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Lately I've been bit by the Civilization bug, yet again. To support my new found addiction I am asking the Giant Bomb community to become my enablers. I haven't really played much Civ. related multplayer (just a few matches of hot seat with a friend), but I thought it would be cool to try and schedule a game day for anyone who would be interested in joining. We could try to set something up and come up with a schedule or a day so that anyone who is interested, has the chance to join in on the fun.

As I mentioned I don't have much experience with Civ 5's multiplayer, so this is where someone else will have to fill me in. Would we be able to play out a full game online in different chunks of time, saving and reconvening at another point, or would we be locked into a Civilization grindfest? I'm down for whatever option, but I figure I'd leave that open to a vote.

Anyway, if anyone is interested post in this thread. Hopefully we can get a decent amount of people.

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Yo. I'd love to play some Civ 5 multiplayer. I've not tried it with more than one other player, so it'll be interesting. Hope we can get some more folk.

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I played a lot of Civ V multiplayer locally (with 3 or 4 people in a room). I found it a much more fun (and perhaps more strategic) game when played with humans...less predictable than the AI. And locally like that the diplomacy extends to conversations and such, which is fun.

I'd certainly be down for some online, though I'm usually not free until late in the evenings (9-10PM PST).

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