I won, now what?

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This may be kind of a newb question, but I just won a cultural victory by completing the Utopia Project. However, the game didn't immediately shunt me to a victory screen--instead, the game is just continuing as normal. It's 1985 right now. Do I have to wait until 2050 until I actually win?

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@jb335: You can keep playing for fun if you want or start a new game. Once a victory condition is met by a Civ the "game" portion of the match is over. If you just want to continue to expand and build your empire for fun you can do that otherwise just start a new game. Civ allows you to keep playing the same match after a win condition is met for fun if you want.

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Civ is less about the end and more about the journey. You could keep playing your world or start a new one and try winning another way. I always just enjoyed exploring and building up new cities rather than large military engagements.

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I definitely agree with you guys about Civ being more about the journey, but I think it's weird that I didn't get any kind of acknowledgment that I'd won. No victory message in the same way you get a defeat message if you lose, and none of the associated data.

I guess what I'm really asking here is: "Do I have some sort of glitch?"

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It should show you a screen that says you won, with the option to view scores or a button below that says "one...more...turn..." which. when clicked, will continue the game you're playing after victory/defeat. I've... ummm... never played a game past the point where I know I've pretty much lost, so I couldn't tell you if it's something tied to another civ beating you to a win condition or something.

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If another civ gets a win condition there is a dialog that tells you that, at lease I remember seeing one.

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