Civ 6 on switch

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#1 Posted by shades846 (231 posts) -

So will they reduce the number of players and online options for the switch version ?

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#3 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

Whoa. This is a thing? Awesome! Now let's start the "Thanks but we actually want Civ 5" chant!

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#4 Posted by fisk0 (6854 posts) -

Surprised they're porting one of the main series games instead of either Civilization Revolution II or a follow-up to that.

Would imagine they would have to cut some corners in order to make the load times bearable on the Switch, though I think the actual UI would probably would fairly well.

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#5 Posted by Gundato (176 posts) -

Presumably it is "just" the ipad version? Recent ipads are probably stronger than a switch (would need to check specs) but smaller screen and lower res probably roughly evens out (doing back of the envelope game dev, of course)

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#6 Posted by haneybd87 (389 posts) -

Those 10 minute waits for the next turn are going to be great!

In all seriousness though the turn waits were bad enough on my iPad Pro, which I’m pretty sure has considerably more CPU power than the Switch.

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#7 Posted by bmccann42 (400 posts) -

So a fairly intense PC Civ game is going to what is an under-powered handheld - a game that is slow even on a far more powerful IPad?

I can only imagine what the battery life is going to be like running Civ 6 when I can barely get 3 -5 hours of life out of my Switch (depending on the game, Zelda killed my switch often.

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#8 Posted by nicksmi56 (830 posts) -

Never touched any of the Civ games so not for me, but more 3rd party support for Switch is always a good thing!

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#9 Posted by nnickers (496 posts) -

This seems like a bad idea. Even my PC, with an i-6700 and GTX 1070, chugs between late-game turns of Civ 6. I cant imagine they could cut enough to get anything resembling the full game to run acceptably on a Switch.

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#10 Posted by acharlie1377 (77 posts) -

I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt regarding the port quality; the fact thta it's coming out this year means the devs have probably already dealt with the load times, and if the Switch can handle (admittedly downgraded) versions of Doom and Wolfenstein, I think it can handle Civ 6. I loved this game on PC, and the only reason I didn't play more was because I don't like playing games on my computer, so I'm extremely excited about this!

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#11 Posted by isomeri (3115 posts) -

Yeah I'm not convinced that the Switch can run Civ 6 at a reasonable level. They should have just ported over Civ Rev, right?

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