Just got this game off eBay!

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#1 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

I'm having so much fun with it. It's so simplistic yet there's so much strategy. Plus it's incredibly historically accurate.

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#2 Posted by SilentHunter7 (15 posts) -

Cool. I used to have this game, along with Cid Meier's Antietam (which you should also get). But the discs got scratched, so...

But it is a great game. Very fun.

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#3 Posted by Caje (139 posts) -

The one I got was the collection, which included Antietam. I haven't gotten Antietam to work on XP though.

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#4 Posted by RJ (159 posts) -

omg I completely forgot about this game until I saw your post. This was one of my first actual PC games I got for my Pentium 100Mhz rig and I had a blast with it. I remember being blown away by the graphics and all the action happening on screen at the same time. The multiplayer was pretty fun as well...good times. It'd be kinda cool if Sid did a remake but with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.

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