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As I'm sure many have, I decided to go back to this after watching the premium video this weekend.

In doing so, I picked up a save I already had, which I had played for a while, already going through, and completing three or four 18-hole courses.

During the stream, Ryan mentioned that there's no end game to SimGolf, and I kind of found out by accident today since I went back to a save that I had already put a bunch of time into, that there actually is in fact an end to SimGolf.

(I guess what I say below could technically be considered spoilers? I don't know... There's not much to it)

When you get to the year 2046, in your end of year report, you get a message saying that you've had a great career, and you're going to be retiring at the end of 2050.

So, when you get to the end of 2050, you see...

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So, yeah. Super exciting. Selecting to continue in Sandbox gives you unlimited money, and unlimited access to all of the remaining locations for your golf course. A little disappointing, but there is an end.

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