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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 18, 2009

    Sideswiped is a boost-heavy, crash-focused arcade racing game for the Nintendo DS, largely taking inspiration from games like Burnout.

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    Known as "Crash King" in Japan, Sideswiped is a Burnout-style racing game that primarily focuses on crashing in to other cars at high speed, developed by Recom and published by Majesco Entertainment. The game is divided up in to three modes:
    • Instant Mode: The game picks a random event, random car and random track, on the "Easy" difficulty.
    • Mission Mode: Pick from locales from around the world and compete in specific events. Money awarded for clearing events can be used to upgrade your current car or buy new cars.
    • VS Mode: Up to four players can battle it out in Wireless Ad-Hoc multiplayer. A 2 player mode "hot seat" mode is also included, where one player passes the DS to the other player when they finish.
    In addition, the game supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-enabled leaderboards to compare times and high-scores.


    • New York
    • Las Vegas
    • Seaside
    • Arena
    • Mountain

    Event Types

    There are four common event types in Sideswiped. Every 3-4 common events, you will be tasked to compete in a Special Event.

    • Destruction: Score points by smashing in to pedestrian cars and environmental objects. Achieve the target score before time runs out. If you hit a bus, you will receive a time penalty.
    • Crash Race: Score points by smashing in to rival racers. Achieve the target score before time runs out. 
    • Normal Race: Complete a specific number of laps and finish in third place or higher.
    • Time Attack: With infinite boost, finish the track before the target time.
    • Special "FLAG": Smash in to cars that are carrying the flag and finish the race in first place while in possession of it. 
    • Special "FULL BOOST": A normal race where all cars have infinite boost. 
    • Special "RIVAL": A one-on-one race with a tough opponent.
    • Special "DYNAMITE": Score points by crashing in to pedestrian cars and environmental objects. Achieve the target score before time runs out. If you hit a fuel tanker yourself, you will incur a massive time penalty (however, knocking other cars in to the fuel tanker is permitted). Everything explodes very easily!
    • Special "BOMB": Smash other cars to give them the bomb. Be the last car left standing when time runs out. 
    • Special "SURVIVAL": Complete the race (or survive until time runs out) before your health meter reaches zero. All rival cars will attack you alone!
    • Special "BOSS": Avoid the henchmen and destroy the Boss car before before time runs out. You have infinite boost! 
    Some events are exclusive to the Arena locale. 
    • TRAMPOLINE: Bounce across trampolines while collecting balloons for points. Reach the target score.
    • BOWLING: Knock down as many cars as you can to reach the target score.


    • Warrior: A classic sedan.
    • Mizuchi: A classic sports car.
    • Dragon: A modern sedan. 
    • Cannon: A pick-up truck. 
    • Worm: A classic muscle car. 
    • Yaksa: A modern sports car.
    • Wyvern: A street racing car. 
    • Garuda: A four-door SUV. 
    • Ouroboros: A four-door offroad vehicle.
    • Daidara: A Japanese Diesel Truck.
    • God Hand: A Bulldozer.
    • Nidhog: An armored tank with wheels.

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