Silent Hill HD 360 patch cancelled

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According to Konami, the patch was "cancelled due to technical issues and resources."

Just a reminder to everyone that you have rights as consumers and if a product sold is defective then you have the right to demand a full refund. Don't accept this kind of thing if you got a glitchy game and held on because a patch was coming. If you are told you cannot get a refund then talk to your local equivalent of the Citizens Advice Bureaux about what rights you have to recourse based on being sold a faulty product. It's only because they think they can get away with it that Konami is doing this, make your voice heard by getting your money back and pointing to this reason if required to explain your return.

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Super gross. Man, how does a major publisher release a title and then just leave everyone to dangle in the wind like that?

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Already posted in the News section, but yeah, this is messed up.

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That is so wrong! I am glad I did not buy it but I feel bad for those who did. Not a good way to treat paying customers who also buy other products from your company.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Read da news!

My bad.

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