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Great games, OK ports 2

 Welcome to Silent Hill      Over the past few weeks, I have indulged myself in the crazy, dark, terrifying fiction of the Silent Hill franchise. I picked up the HD collection along with Homecoming and Downpour (my rebound from the mediocre Raccoon City). So this is an HD collection and I would rather focus my review of the ports rather than the games themselves. However, I just want to throw a few thoughts about the games before I get into the meat of my main review.      Silent Hill 2 and 3 ar...

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You probably shouldn't buy this butchered version of Silent Hill. 0

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed Silent Hill: Downpour, a new game in Konami’s flagship horror franchise. Downpour wasn’t fantastic, but the game was going in the right direction and in turn was better than the other HD console game, Silent Hill: Homecoming. Fans of the series normally agree that the pinnacle was Silent Hill 2, with Silent Hill 3 also established to be a great game. What better way to celebrate the best of the franchise by allowing fans a chance to have them run smoother and b...

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Revisit two classic stories in that faithful town 0

Silent Hill has had it's ups and downs over the past years – the movie was not a critical success and the recent games have drifted from the main focus of the previous game. While Silent Hill Downpour seems to be getting some good attention, it still seems to lack the classic feel that fans remember, so when the Silent Hill HD collection was announced, many were excited to play Silent Hill 2 & 3 again – games that were some of the best in terms of tension, story, music and puzzles.Konami has...

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