Gamefly: Which version should I rent?

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I'm going on a trip in a bit, and I don't think I could casually beat this game on the Wii so should I go for it on the PSP? or should I just cram it in and play it the way it was meant to be played?

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Wii. That game has to be played on the Wii. The other versions are inferior. They just don't provide the same quality of experience.

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@Dany: Why? Is it better on the Wii, or dyou think I could just beat it in a few days?

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Wii without a doubt. PSP port was rather lackluster and missed out on the cooler parts of using the wiimote in various ways.

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It was made for the wii and ported to the playstations. Plus the wiimote stuff they did is cool.

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The way the flashlight controls and the things they do with the Wii remote are just really interesting and really add to the experience. The game isn't extremely long, you could finish it in a couple of evenings. The important thing is you play it on the Wii. 
Playing this on a PSP is like playing Diablo on PS1. You can do it, but it won't be near as good.

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@IBurningStar: @Dany: @benjaebe: Alright. Thank you for you input Gentlemen. I think I am convinced.

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I'd agree that you should go for the Wii versions. I never played the game but when the guys did their quicklook the Wii controls looked really awesome. I wouldn't want to miss out on those.

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I also vote Wii. The stuff they do with the Wiimote is probably my favorite parts of that game. Especially everything phone related. Make sure you have your Wii Remote volume on.

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Absolutely the Wii version.   Using it to control the flashlight brings you more into the game.  Also, the cell phone comes through the WIi-mote speaker, which draws you even more into the game if you hold it up to your ear like a real cellphone.

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I started playing it on PS2 and loved it but the Wii version is so much more immersive.

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