Well I was enjoying it, until this...(glitch, no spoilers)

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This happened after I dialed a number on a poster. After the recording was finished I think i hit the Minus button to close the Phone, and now it's locked up here. I can walk around but I can't interact with anything, zoom in, nor run.
I tried just about everything, unplugging controller/nunchuck. No dice. This is disappointing as hell because I hadn't saved in like an hour or maybe more.
If anyone else has had this happen, post please. I want to know if it was just in this room or that specific phone number that triggers it. So that others can be warned.
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#2 Posted by Rallier (1947 posts) -

I've read that there is one point in the game that that it has a tendency to bug out so that might very well be what you've just experienced.

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Yes, this is the game's fault. It is said to have glitched and frozen for a number of people, including me.

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I got back to this part again but ended up going a different way entirely, bypassing this room. I've been more diligent about saving so I shouldn't have to worry too much. But it's a shame that the game shipped like this...
Really liking it though. It's amazing how much differently the first section played out for me as opposed to the way it did in the Quick Look. The game gets in your head!

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I must of been fortunate as I passed though that spot without any complications.

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@newmarcom said:

" I must of been fortunate as I passed though that spot without any complications. "

There are no spots that are glitchy by default, when the game froze on me I replayed the part exactly the same and nothing happened. I guess this is just sloppy over overladen code, they did seem to have written this game from the scratch after all.
In 99% of cases, there will be no glitches or freezes with this game. But it has happened now for a few people, so everyone playing this game should just save often. Fortunatly, you can save whenever you want.
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This isn't a glitch, its a way to freak you out even more!

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You didn't glitch the game, the game glitched you!

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