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Shattered Memories: A Spectacle for the Wii 7

In its own idiosyncratic ways, I see Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as doing something similar for its respective series like what Resident Evil 4 did nearly six years ago as well. I'm doubtful that it'll trigger as widespread of a revolution outside its franchise as the GameCube action-horror game managed, but just look at a screenshot or watch a video and it becomes pretty apparent that it's taking the series in a direction that's certainly new for it, but not without also being prone to trig...

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A New Take on Silent Hill 0

Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a bold attempt through and through, ditching combat and implementing escape sequences, turning away from cult dealings and focusing on a psychological voyage, letting go of the fog and bringing the ice into town. In that it is a success! A reinvention of the Silent Hill formula and franchise, but is it as good as the best of the series?  Graphical wise Silent Hill isn't very different from its previous games, except the fog was substituted by snow and ice. You'l...

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A little game with big, well executed ideas. 0


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Daddy issues. 0

 Well, I just finished my first run through the game.  Final play time, according to the Wii dashboard: - 9h45min -And I immediatly started a new game, which is even more heavily encouraged by the ending than I thought it would be. I got the SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. "Love Lost" ending, which as I gather is the equivalent of previous Silent Hill's "Good+" ending, and you supposedly get it for playing a Harry who shows little interest in SPOILER WARNING: Click here ...

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Fond Memories of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 0

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories succeeds as a reboot of the Silent Hill franchise while still keeping the tone and atmosphere of previous games in the franchise. In this outing, the Wii offers the player a unique way of interacting with the city of Silent Hill that makes the motion controls feel integral and not just tacked on; I would go so far as to say that playing this on the PS2 or PSP would be doing the game and the player a great disservice. However, controls are not the only driving forc...

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Looking forward to this Wii “re imagining” for so long pains me 2

 Anybody familiar with us knows that I’m a Silent Hill geek of epic proportions. Looking forward to this Wii “re imagining” for so long….pains me…for I just did not love this game. It’s out on Wii now, and soon will be on the PS2 and PSP. My rating, a disheartening 6/10. The Good – I would’ve given this game a number score lower, but it’s twist ending I felt, was really cool. Okay, first off, the graphics, look really nice for a Wii game. I’m simply not used to high quality textures on wii, but ...

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A Chilling New Experience. 1

When I heard that Climax was gonna make a "remake" of the first Silent Hill, I was stoked. But when I read further that it was not a remake, but a re-imagining, and that some major elements of what made a Silent Hill game a Silent Hill game were removed, my reaction was "Oh please don't screw this up!" Screw up Climax did not; Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a gem and a fresh rebirth to the franchise.  What made me love Shattered Memories that much were the therapies sessions with Dr. Kaufmann...

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Shattered Memories is a breath of fresh air. 0

I have been a great fan of the series ever since I began playing the games about 6 years ago (wow has it been that long already?!) That puts me about mid-life on the franchise as a whole, but firmly before the Hot Topic popularity picked up, so I take no shame in saying that I am not a Bandwagon fan. The very morning Shattered Memories hit shelves, I was first in line to pick up my copy. Shattered Memories is commonly referred to as a 'remake' of Silent Hill, but it is more accurately viewed a...

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So sad, So sad 2

Allow me to preface this commentary by mentioning two basic facts;  1.  I've never finished a silent hill game.  The clunky combat and acward controls always turned me off even as the atmospher and story really drew me.  2.  I really, really, really, want to love Shattered Memories.  It seems to take everything I wanted to love about previous games (spooky atmosphier, creepy visuals, convoluted story) and exiced the bits I hated (cluncky combat)  With thise two caviets I'll now say that SM is on...

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A Great New Direction 0

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the kind of game I would love to make someday.  I love to play the traditional styles of video games, but if I were to actually get involved in making games, I would want to make the kinds of games that explore video games as a story-telling medium.  I often think about the unique methods video games can use to convey ideas and stories to the player.  These are methods that are different than films, television, or even books.  In games, the player is in contro...

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Psychoanalysis at home 0

The Silent Hill series of games has always been filled with subliminal messages about your protagonist. His deepest emotions would come to life in form of disturbing beasts and the city itself would make you go through places filled with hints about his personality. It's a great concept but some people couldn't  relate to the main character therefore they could miss out on the more interesting side of the game. Thankfuly this is not the case with the new revamp of the series. This time it's an a...

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Putting You In The Game 0

  If you're like me, you bought a Nintendo Wii around the time it came out.  You thought it would be awesome after hearing about the new Zelda, new Mario's, and everything else that Nintendo promised.  If you're truly like my, you were underwhelmed.  Sure, there are some good games out there like No More Heroes and the core games like Zelda and Mario, but shovel-ware plagues the system.  After buying into a few games, I slowly started to ignore Wii games and focusing all of my gaming on the "c...

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories oh how you piss me off... 0

  God damn does this game have some crappy mechanics that lead to some of the most frustrating shit I have gone through in gaming in a long time!First off I am a fan of the Silent Hill series, I have not played everyone but at least 3/4 of them. I decided to play Shattered Memories because of the good buzz on the internets and game blogs/podcast/etc. I still have Homecoming on my 360 in my pile of shame but the Wii mechanics and psycho therapy that the game offered was to different for me to re...

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A clever psychological exploration 0

At its conclusion Silent Hill: shattered memories presented a psychological profile of me, it had been watching and recording my every action, the path I toke and the decisions I made we being analyzed. The profile was remarkably accurate; it painted a picture of my game time, my obsessive compulsive nature, my unhurried nature, and my moral and ethical leanings. What begins as a simply tale of a father searching for his lost daughter in the snowbound village of silent hill, soon becomes an exp...

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review 0

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the first Silent Hill release for the Wii from developers Climax. Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of the first Silent Hill released long ago on Playstation. This is in no way a remake, since the story is almost completely different with the exception of the characters having the same name and similar roles. The story is easily Shattered Memories strongest characteristic. It is so crazy and senseless until the later part of the game, but it’s so fantastic...

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A return to Silent Hills roots 0

Volcano be damned, i just finished Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and while it was worth the wait, i'm not sure i fully understand what i just played.Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a remake of the original Silent Hill on the first Playstation way back in 1999 and, story-wise, it doesn't mix it up too much. Harry Mason is travelling with his Daughter to Silent Hill when they have a terrible accident. Harry wakes up and his Daughter is missing, so he sets out to find her. Harry finds that the...

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Not much survival horror, more a pleasently spooky adventure game 0

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released in 2011 and developed by Climax Studios, the game is a reimagening of the game in the series, and combines elements form the survival horror and point&click adventure genres. The games story follows Harry Mason has he travels around the town of Silent Hill in search for his daughter who has disappeared after a car crash. Psychiatry, which act as a framing device for the core story, act as bridge between chapters. The term survival horror is taken ...

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Silent Hill Goes Back to the Drawing Board, but Comes Up Short 0

The Silent Hill series has gone through a lot since the first installment on the original PlayStation. It has become known for weird creature designs, nightmarish alternate worlds, and plenty of disturbing psychological material to mess with the player. The newest game "Shattered Memories" arrives on the Wii and takes things back to the beginning in a re-imagining of the first game. But it's probably more accurate to describe it as a complete overhaul. The names are the same but the game and the...

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Haunting as an Experience, Lacking as a Game 0

 The Silent Hill franchise has consistently been one difficult to champion. The atmosphere and narrative of the games are second to none within the survival horror genre, and offer some of the most memorable and thought provoking stories to come out of console gaming, while the actual experience of playing of the games has been both tedious and unresponsive. With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Climax clearly understands that titles strengths and tries to downplay the series' biggest weaknesses...

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