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    Lemmings Paintball

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 1996

    An isometric spin-off of the Lemmings series, bringing a combat twist to the puzzle-strategy formula.

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    Lemmings Paintball is a real-time puzzle-strategy game developed by Visual Sciences and published by Psygnosis for Windows PCs on May 1996.

    A spin-off of the Lemmings series of games, Lemmings Paintball is set in an isometric perspective and doesn't have the titular lemmings move automatically. Instead, players control the movement and actions of selected lemming individually, similar to other RTS games.

    As the name implies, the game includes elements from the sport of paintball, with each lemming able to shoot enemy lemmings with their limited-ammo paintball marker and the overall goal being to reach the flag. Players have up to four lemmings in their squad, which they can switch between at any time and group-up to move all at once.

    In addition to single-player, the game includes one-on-one LAN multiplayer, with both players racing to either collect all their flags or splat all enemy lemmings.


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