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This is still #1 as far as the locations section on this website.  I find that interesting. 

Anyways, I've only played the Resident Evil series.  Is this series worth checking out if I liked RE?

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It's a very different game than resident evil. More psychological, but the atmosphere and sense of place is just as strong as Raccoon City, if not stronger.

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That's pretty surprising. I would expect Mushroom Kingdom or something to be the top

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It's popular because it's more realistic than the mushroom kingdom. Centralia, PA is the perfect example. look on youtube and it looks just like the game,,, creepy

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I havent even heard of this place

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They're very different. RE is much more physical horror while SH is psychological horror. In RE you have the gore, jump-scares and stuff like that, SH makes you fear the dark, what you can't see, the subjective. It messes with your mind, and that's awesome. Story-wise SH is much more complex and open to interpretation, and so, much better (for me) while RE's is straighfoward a virus made some zombies (not that for all games, but yeah, you get what I mean). I love RE too though, but SH is by far my favorite game franchise ever. Play it if you like survival horror. Start by the first one though. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 0 - 5 or you might get lost in the story.

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#7 Posted by SilentHitoshura (3 posts) -

The series is worth checking out regardless of what you like.  Just try them.

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#8 Posted by damswedon (3241 posts) -

i want to know is silent hill on a hill?

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The series is defiantly worth a try.

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#10 Posted by JakJ (1045 posts) -

I had forgotten about Nowhere. That place creeped me the hell out. Then that thing with Lisa at the end...

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