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As the protagonist goes about the journey to find Master Li (after Two Rivers is attacked by the Bandit raiders), the party is confronted several times by a mysterious, black-clad assassin named Silk Fox, who eventually joins you as part of your team.

The mysterious Silk Fox is as deadly as she is beautiful. While her attitude is independent of other’s feelings, she has a passion that fuels her quick and lethal sword. Silent and distant towards others, she keeps mostly to her own counsel, her motivation known only to herself. With the forces that drive her, she could be either a powerful ally or a mortal enemy, and during the course of the game does she show where her ultimate loyalties lie.

She does reveal her true identity later in the game as Princess Sun Lian, (aka The Heavenly Lily); she is the daughter of Emperor Sun Hai and heir to the Jade Empire. During her youth in the Emperor’s Palace, she watched as Death's Hand (a group of cultists bent on taking over the Empire) gained more influence over her father. Convinced that he was attempting to take control of the empire, Sun Lian re-created herself as a commoner and assumed her childhood nickname Silk Fox. The very opposite of her public face, dark and mysterious, Silk Fox could move throughout the empire without attracting notice and investigate the group known as Death's Hand.



Name: Silk Fox (Princess Sun Lian, The Heavenly Lily)
Age: ~20 (though it is never confirmed in the game, Silk Fox appears to be in her early 20s)
Attack form: Long Sword (always uses this weapon while fighting enemies)
Support form: Extra damage with martial styles (the damage bonus is estimated to be around 20% to martial combat [which is only considered to be hand-to-hand combat, not involving weapons])


Silk Fox is voiced by Masasa Moyo.


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