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Silmeria Valkyrie
Silmeria Valkyrie
Silmeria is the youngest of the three Valkyrie sisters, being 2 years younger than Lenneth, and 4 years younger than Hrist. Silmeria is a Chooser of the Slain, and the Goddess of the Future. Silmeria wears light purple armor, and has blonde hair.

Silmeria is the main character in the second Valkyrie Profile game, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. She made an appearance in the original game, frozen in crystal in Brahms' castle, but her role is the smallest of the three valkyries and among the smallest in the game in that title. in that title, being shown only briefly and mentioned only twice.

Silmeria is the kindest of the three Valkyrie sisters, and most compassionate towards humans. In personality, she is more like Lenneth than Hrist. Similar to her sisters, she is a fierce and determined warrior, posesses great amounts of wisdom. Regarding her abilities, Silmeria is a skilled archer and swordsman, just like her sisters. Her skill with the sword is superior to that of her eldest siter, Hrist. Of the three sisters, Silmeria is the least loyal to the all father Odin, and rebelled against himbefore the others.

It has been suggested that (in Fruedian terminology) Silmeria is the tertiary ego, or Id, of the Valkyrie, as she is the most emotional, rebellious, and immature of the three personalities.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Silmeria plays a very minimal role in the original Valkyrie Profile title. When Lenneth travels to Brahms' castle, Brahms mentions that he posesses her sister, Silmeria, who is seen sealed in crystal. She was taken by Brahms and sealed there when Dipan was destroyed.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Silmeria and Alicia
Silmeria and Alicia
Silmeria is the main character in this game, which bears her name. Silmeria has commited and unforgivable act, which Odin punished her for. She was to sleep within a human, and have her memories sealed away. When being sealed, a mistake was made, and her soul remained active and cognizant, coexisting with that of her human host, Princess Alicia of Dipan.

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