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Silver is the rival of Gold in Gen II and also the son of Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket. At the beginning of the game Silver breaks into Professor Elm's lab and steals a starter Pokemon, which is the super effective type against your starter Pokemon. For example: If you choose Totodile he will choose Chikorita, ff you choose Cyndaquil he will choose Totodile, and if you choose Chikorita he will choose Cyndaquil. Silver challenges you to a battle at the entrance to CherryGrove City, and after you defeat him, a policeman will come and ask for his name. This is the place where you will name him. He continues to appear and challenges you throughout the game in various places in Johto and Kanto.


First Battle - Cherrygrove City

-Cyndaquil(If player chose Chikorita) Lv. 5

-Chikorita(If player chose Totodile) Lv. 5

-Totodile(If player chose Cyndaquil) Lv. 5

Second Battle - Azalea Town

Gastly Lv. 12

Zubat lv. 14

Starter Pokemon Lv. 16

Third Battle - Burnt Tower

Haunter Lv. 20

Magnemite Lv.18

Zubat Lv. 20

Starter Pokemon Lv. 22

Fourth Battle - Goldenrod Underground

Golbat Lv. 30

Magnemite Lv. 28

Haunter Lv. 30

Snealsel lv. 32

Starter Pokemon Lv. 32

Fifth Battle - Victory Road

Sneasel Lv. 34

Golbat Lv. 36

Magneton Lv. 35

Haunter Lv. 35

Kadabra Lv. 35

Starter Pokemon Lv. 38

Sixth Battle - Mt. Moon

Sneasel Lv. 41

Golbat Lv. 42

Magneton Lv. 41

Gengar Lv. 43

Alakazam Lv. 43

Starter Pokemon Lv. 45

Seventh Battle - Indigo Plateau

Sneasel Lv. 45

Crobat Lv. 48

Magneton Lv. 45

Gengar Lv. 46

Alakazam Lv. 46

Starter Pokemon Lv. 50


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