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    Sim Theme Park

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Oct 24, 1999

    The long awaited sequel to Theme Park by Electronic Arts.

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    Sim Theme Park (Theme Park World in Europe and Japan, Theme Park Roller Coaster on the PS2) is a management simulation game following the classic Theme Park.

    Originally released five years after the first game, it brought the series into full 3D, letting the player walk around their park as a visitor and ride the attractions. Because the game is in 3D, it is possible to ride the roller coasters the player creates as opposed to the pre-rendered animations in the first game. A postcard feature lets the player capture images of their parks and e-mail them to their friends from the in-game interface.


    Theme Park World has a new reward system based around golden tickets and keys. Tickets is awarded by completing specific requirements like having a certain number of people in your park or having a certain park rating.

    Tickets can be spent to buy new mystery items like new rides. Earning three golden tickets also awards the player a golden key.

    In addition, there are numerous "challenges" that become available at random. These have a time limit and awards cash prizes when completed.

    Theme Park World has an online component which lets players visit their friends' (or random people's) parks through the internet. The online lobby is displayed as an earth globe with city icons, each with all the parks that have been published to that specific town. When visiting parks, players can walk around, ride attractions and chat with their friends through text messaging.


    There are separate park "themes", two of which are available from the start and others becoming available from earning golden keys during play.

    • Lost Kingdom: Unlocked at the start. An eclectic mix of Aztec imagery and dinosaurs.
    • Halloween World: Unlocked at the start. Despite being horror themed, not that scary. This and Lost Kingdom are the 'easiest' themes to work with.
    • Wonder Land: Requires 3 Golden Keys (6 Golden Tickets). A 'fantasy' park, relying more on a 'you've been shrunk' motif with bugs and picnic stuffs.
    • Space Zone: Requires 5 Golden Keys (12 Golden Tickets). A high-tech future fun land replete with aliens and rocket ships. The hardest theme in the game.

    All four themes have different rides available to build that have to be researched using scientists.


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