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Sima Shi shares some characteristics with his father, as they are both collected, cunning intellectuals with aristocratic mannerisms. But while he appears calm and elegant, he has also a burning desire within him to lead. He eventually gets his chance when his father passes away, and states that there is no one better to take the lead than him.

However, even if he is a ruthless strategist, he does care about his people and the peace in his land.

And despite all his seriousness, he is also given some childish and humurous quirks such as an obsession for his meat buns.


Sima Shi is mainly seen in the Jin story mode and has his first appearance at the Wu Zhang Plains, where he is helping his father to escape from Jiang Wei.

After that, he's leading the strike against Jiang Wei's invasion, confronts Jiang Wei, but is interrupted by Xiahou Ba and both are able to escape.

After that, he keeps supporting his father. After Sima Yi's death, he succeeds his father and immediately strikes at the weakened Wu. But the attempt fails due to Zhuge Dan's recklessness and Sima Zhao's laziness, and he is forced to gather reinforcements at He Fei Castle. Out of tactical reasons, he fully blames his brother Sima Zhao for the failure to avoid accusations of favouritism. Sima Shi stays in Wei to fortify their territory.

As the reputation of the Sima family spreads, Wei retainers have to decide to place their loyality to either the throne or Sima Shi. Because of that, the emperor of Wei, Cao Fang, orders Sima Shi's assassination.

But Sima Shi sees through the scheme and provokes his opponents by taking a walk alone. Although Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji come to his help, Sima Shi is injured on the left side of his face. Surviving the attack, he then replaces the emperor with Cao Mao, which stirs up discontent from Guanqiu Jian and Wen Qin, and they raise an army at Shouchun.

Even though Sima Shi manages to stop the rebellion, he is mortally wounded by an arrow aimed at his already injured face. On his deathbed, he passes the right to lead onto his younger brother Sima Zhao.

Other Information

He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in the Japanese version, and by Josh Grelle in the English version.


"Mwahaha! I will reign supreme."

"Watch and see how a true genius approaches a battle."

"I shall be the last one standing once the chaos has reached its conclusion!"

"Let's see how you fare against the likes of a master strategist!"


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