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    SimCity Creator

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 22, 2008

    This version of SimCity is intended to be more accessible, with less of a focus on micromanagement and more of a focus on superficial features like visual city styles, epic city destruction, and a 3d tour feature.

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    Sim City is all about creating your dream city and learning how to manage it...or destroy it. The newest iteration on the Wii utilizes the Wii Remote with brand new features for the franchise.


    Just like every Sim City before it, you create your city and manage it. For the Wii, you can use the Wii Remote to make "curvy" roads. Normally, roads are laid out in a grid fashion but the Wii's controller scheme allows a user to draw a road however they wish using the pointer. It also features various different bits of architecture (futuristic, european, modern, asian, etc.) to build unique cities that look different from any other.

    You can also set zones for your city, designated what services and things are used for which sections of the city such as landfills, low, medium and high density areas, residential, industrial, commercial, etc.. These are drawn on the map using the Wii Remote. Zones must also be connected by transportation roads.

    New to Sim City is "Hero" buildings. Hero buildings allow a player to put one of these themed buildings down and in a certain vicinity of that building, the other buildings will take on the same theme of the building. Such as putting an Asian pagoda in a section, makes all the other buildings around it resemble asian architecture.

    You can also hire assistants who help you determine the best courses of action for their particular specialties. They will inspect your city and tell you how you need to relayout certain aspects to make it more efficient.

    Plus you can also fly a jet over your city to take a look at your creation in close detail.


    As always, Sim City features disasters to allow you to lay waste to your city. Disasters include earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, giant monsters, aliens and more. Some of the disasters also feature Wii Remote integration. Tornadoes will require you to swing your Remote around in a circle to simulate the "twisting" motion of the tornado, guide fire along a set path and even smack buildings with giant ghost hands. In free play mode, disasters are player triggered and in scenario mode, the disasters are scripted in order to guage how well you can react to the diaster and help your city.

    DS Version

    In Europe, North America and Australia the DS version is known as SimCity Creator. However, for the Japanese release it was titled SimCity DS 2.


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