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Sim City DS is the first Sim City game built specifically for a portable system.  While the top screen is simply used to display your city and the environment, the bottom has an interface for the tools used to build the city.  The user lays roads, builds utilities and zones land using the stylus, also the bottom screen houses the budget, informational graphs and game settings.  Once you have started the city leaving the build screen will change the map to an overhead map.  Time only progresses outside of building mode allowing the city's zones and population to grow, and like all Sim City games it is open ended from there allowing the user to explore the game as they see fit.

Sim City DS borrows most of its in game assets from Sim City 3000.   The majority of the buildings, environment and transportation tiles found in the game are directly ported from Sim City 3000.  Also music assets have been used and/or remixed for the DS version.

Game Modes

Build a City - Main gameplay mode, the user may build their own city with no other goals or obligations.
Save the City - A scenario mode, the user must follow the guidelines under a time limit and budget to save it from disaster, failed infastructure or bankruptcy.
Tutorial - Basic mode to get new players to the Sim City Franchise up and running.
Museum - View all the buildings avaliable in the game as well as the unlockable real world landmarks.
Post Office - Using the post office you can share cities between other Sim City DS players over local wireless connection.

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