SimCity Societies: Destinations

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    SimCity Societies: Destinations is the first expansion pack for SimCity Societies and was released worldwide in June 23, 2008. The game focuses on tourism and vacations.

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    SimCity Societies: Destinations is the first expansion pack for SimCity Societies, and was released on June 23, 2008.  The game focuses on tourism and vacations.  From unspoiled nature parks with campgrounds and hiking trails to tropical beach resorts with water sports and fine dining, from humble county fairs with hay rides and midway games, to sprawling modern theme parks with all the bells and whistles, you’ll build an entire city based on attracting visitors, and keeping them entertained and satisfied. Turn your romantic city into a tropical beach resort, your authoritarian city into a banana republic, or your meditative city into a spiritual gateway for the rich and famous. Create attractions that are high class or low brow or bizarre.

    New Features

    More than 100 new buildings with new abilities, including 5 star beach resorts and UFO crash sites.
    • More than 35 new special Sims with new behaviors, including traveling businessmen.
    • New tourist and tourism functionality.
    • Expanded transit functionality, including air and water travel.

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