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Yeah RPS have been calling EA and maxis out on their shit since launch. They've written up a good bunch of articles on it and keep digging to find out more. It's been really interesting to see it all unfold.

Zero coverage on this site i see though.

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Sometimes I wonder what the staff is doing each day on Giant Bomb. When they walk home each day do they have something to show for what they've been doing? I wish we had more articles and you know, video game journalism type stuff.

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@funkydupe: I was under the impression that as far GiantBomb's journalistic type stuff, they would prefer to write something extensive up after the fact as a kind of postmortem with tons of external input instead of just throwing up articles as various new bits of information about how servers actually work or Bradshaw dodging why they don't want to allow single player gets posted on reddit or what have you, like kotaku and some other sites seem to be doing.

I suspect and kind of hope, though, maybe Jeff will say something about it in the Sunday article since he's doing one this week in place of Alex.

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I have been able to play the game no problem since the launch in Oceania, the maps are just too small. I want to be able to build over a whole island instead of just some farm land block. I have finished 4 citys now and once I fill the map I just go and start another one, the multiplayer aspect is totally not necessary at all just makes it annoying for the 95% of people that just want to play this game alone, it just makes me end up building a industrial city and building a residental\commercial city linking up, I would of rather just had both in my city but again the maps are too SMALL. Just a really bad game for the SIm City franchise.

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If you're going to talk about an article from another site, it's probably a good idea to at least link to that article and try to get the discussion rolling, threads like this just clog the forums.


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