Possible Future Console Port?

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So SimCity looks really great, but I seriously never play games on PC (partially because my laptop is too old to play most recent stuff and partially because I don't like playing games on computer monitors or interfaces at all) so I'm wondering if anyone has heard if this is planned to come to the Xbox 360 or PS3 at some point.

It might be too hard with the integrated community stuff but I'd love to see it. I feel like buying the SNES original for fun too.

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#2 Posted by Dalai (7868 posts) -

I haven't heard of any plans outside of PC and if this reboot is anything like the core SimCity franchise, it's never going to happen. It likely comes down to performance, user interface, and controls. 
I don't know about you, but playing SimCity on something that is not a keyboard/mouse seems strange, anyway.

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#3 Posted by brownsfantb (443 posts) -

If they did, it probably would be very different from the PC version they're currently making. That constant asynchronous multiplayer stuff would probably be really hard, if not impossible, to do on current consoles. Maybe next gen?

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