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2.75 stars 2.75/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 9 releases and 7 DLC

SimCity - I GET what Maxis is doing. 0

After playing this game for 16 hours on one city, I GET what they are trying to do.Instead of expanding outwards, your options are to work with what you have and rethink your city layout and make room for upgraded buildings and future expansion. By limiting the size of the map, planning/layout is a HUGE factor. This creates similar challenges from the older Sim City's but at an earlier stage. I also noticed that the zones grow instantly once the utilities have been set. It would be overwhelming...

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Been playing it since day two, granted on the Eastern European 1 Server.... 0

The Good: It does what SimCity does right, with a mixture of elements from The Sims 3, and some of its own tweaks and innovations. It has run very smoothly and i have played close to 12 hours on quite a few occasions. They have tripled, and quadrupled servers and service is getting better day by day, it should be noted that once that happens, they plan to put the features back in, so who knows if that'll crash the servers again. Also i have gotten a game going on North America West 3's server, ...

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Still under construction. 0

SimCity, as a franchise, hasn’t really evolved much since the late Eighties, besides from the addition of further levels of detail and complexity. Whilst the latest SimCity title doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it represents a strong sea change from the existing traditions of the series. By hampering the potential single player progression and funnelling players towards asynchronous, cooperative play, SimCity is a bold, original modernisation on the city-building franchise that is sure t...

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Sim City 0

No.Just... Look man. I don't know how something like this happens. I don't know how a beloved company (RIP) could take such a solid concept as the Sim City franchise and completely tear shit up. Between the smaller map compared to the game's predecessors, disastrous multiplayer and online features, and several key features and staples of the Sim City franchise being broken if not outright missing? Maxis/EA screwed the goddamn pooch. If you want a good City sim, go play one of the other Sim City ...

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