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    Simon & Schuster Interactive

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    The former games publishing arm of book publishing giant Simon & Schuster.

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    Simon & Schuster Interactive was the publishing label for the then Viacom-owned (now currently owned by CBS) Simon & Schuster, one of the world's largest book publishers. Mostly prolific on PC during the mid-to-late nineties (though they published several games for the Commodore 64 and Apple II, and ultimately published games for the sixth generation of consoles), they were perhaps best known for their parodies of other popular franchises, such as Deer Avenger, Bass Avenger, and Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire, as well as being the original publisher for the Outlaw sports series. Simon & Schuster shuttered the Interactive division in 2003.

    The majority of former developer Hypnotix's games, creators of all the games listed in the previous paragraph, were published by Simon & Schuster Interactive.


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