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    SiN Episodes: Emergence

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 10, 2006

    Sin Episodes: Emergence was the first in a planned series of 9 episodes set in the Sin universe, however, due to development troubles, this was the only episode that was ever published.

    agent89's SiN Episodes: Emergence (PC) review

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    Wishing for Episode 2

    This game is excellent fun. Nice graphics, great physics, and engaging storyline. It has two main problems. First off, its way too short. However, it is a budget title, and offers plenty of gameplay for $20. Also there is no multiplayer for the source engine game. They bundled the multiplayer of the orginal, but would have rather had the new version have the multiplayer. Ritual recently released a patch, which adds a new mode, Arena. This uses the skill monitor the game has to increase or decrease the skill of a barage of Mercs to kill. This offers almost unlimited replayability.

    If only they would make episode 2

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      Beautifully campy, full of over-the-top violence and buxom women. 0

      The original Sin was good, uncomplicated, violent and cheesy fun. It was also unfortunate enough to hit shelves at the same time as Half-Life, which, well, ended up being one of the most pivotal games in years. Needless to say, Sin got a bit lost in the shuffle - almost undeservedly so, as the game was a lot of fun to play even if it was a bit straightforward. Emergence is a sequel of sorts offered up in episodic gaming form - like Half-Life 2's piecemeal chapters, Emergence is the first segmen...

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      Another fun Summer Game 0

      Most people are saying this game is really bad and just a user mod for Half-Life 2. Well, I’m guessing most of these people went into the game thinking it was bad. I never did finish the first SiN because I didn’t like it but, this one after the first 20min it started to grow on me. I mean people buy this game give it a chance and you will have fun with it. Although word of warning, if you aren’t the best gamer in the world I would tone the difficulty down a whole lot, do this and you should be ...

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