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the franchise that tried to be half-life

SiN…the modern review.
Well the only reason I bought the original SiN is because I pre-purchased for SiN Episodes: Emergence for $20. With that you get SiN, SiN Multiplayer and Sin Episodes: Emergence. Also since I pre-purchased over STEAM I got it for $17. I would like to talk about this game even though I doubt anyone will read this review. One note that when I review this game I will be judging it based off of other games made in 1998 other than Half-Life.

This game starts you out as John A. Blade a hardcorps officer that is helping to take down Sintek. In the first level you will notice that you get to ride around in a helicopter and shoot down the enemy, that’s fun. The guns do some cool stuff, that’s fun. Shooting everything in your way and saving hostages or choosing to kill them also, that’s fun. What’s not fun is insane logic when trying to figure out puzzles. Stupid AI that can take a beating, that’s not fun. Not being able to see the game in some places because the lighting is bad, that’s not fun. Talking to bums randomly, that’s fun and cool. The menu for this game just sucks.

Gameplay I will say is solid with minor issues, its old school, run around and kill everything to progress a story that is actually interesting. Yes, the fact that you are pursuing a very busty woman who runs the company SiNtek is cool. Graphics at the time were ok, they weren’t Half-Life but they weren’t bad. Music in this game is something to want, with techno beats through the whole game you don’t even need to play the game. This review will jump around since this game is old and I’m only reviewing it because it’s the most recent game I bought. I’ll just say that the game is solid except for some AI problems, some bugs, the guns are big but, wimpy sounding, If you are in a need for a quick fix buy the game along with purchasing SiN Episodes: Emergence. I will have a full length review on May 13th just 4 days after it is released. Also I give this game an 8.1 just for its cost and the fact that it will give you a fix until SiN Episodes: Emergence comes out.

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