Grasshopper's Sine Mora shown at Gamescom.

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This is the first demo of the Grasshopper-Digital Reality collaboration:

Some notes:
  • Judging by the low enemy and bullet numbers as well as the frequent cutscenes, this is the story mode designed for casual players.
  • Perhaps it's just the video quality, but some of the blue bullets seem to blend into the background at the beginning of the video. Not a good thing.
  • You can fast forward in cutscenes.
  • There seems to be some sort of bullet time mechanic.
  • There seems to be chaining.
  • The graphics are decent, the music is boring.
I wonder when they'll show off the arcade mode.
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A member of the development team has confirmed in this thread that what's being shown in the video is Story Mode on Easy.

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Looks intriguing... But man, Lollipop Chainsaw... Now, there's a Grasshopper game I can't wait for. Also, Black Knight Sword looks pretty cool (visually, at least).

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well, finally. I was waiting for that. 

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New information: 

  • The timer at the top is your life. Kill enemies and time is added. Let enemy bullets hit you and time is subtracted. When the timer hits 0 you're dead. (Not sure if the Arcade Mode aimed at hardcore genre fans uses the same system, but I imagine it doesn't.)
  • There are seven stages (none of which share assets) and thirteen bosses.
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Wow, this game is absolutely gorgeous.

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More new information: 

  • There's a red and a blue shield, each protecting against bullets of its colour.
  • You can not only temporarily slow down time, but also reverse it.
  • There is an Insane difficulty setting with suicide bullets.
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" It plays out a little slower than other shooters of its style but gives the player plenty of unique ways of tackling the bullet hell scenario. You can slow down time and use this to dodge and weave, but don’t be fooled (Like I was) into thinking this makes Sine Mora any easier than other BH Shooters (Like Ikaruga) – The game seems to the observer like it is quite easy and casual, but when you get a hold of that controller and you are focusing on the screen, everything changes. Sine Mora is the type of title that I believe can take an old beloved game style, put a new spin on it and create something truly beautiful. "

Keep in mind that the previewer doesn't say if he played Story Mode on Easy or something else. 

More new information:
  • The blue bullets are supposedly perfectly visible on the blue background, it's just that the camera-shot video is too bright.
  • Pickup colours will be changed in order to make them stand out from the bullets.
  • A two-player mode was planned, but scrapped due to budget and time constraints.
  • The special attacks you see in the video are limited sub-weapons, i.e. bombs.
  • There will be no 4:3 mode.
  • The main shot will probably be more visually impressive in the final version.
  • The screen shaking that occurs when enemies explode will be toned down.
New preview from Destructoid:
  • All the voice acting will be in Hungarian (there'll be subtitles so don't worry).
  • At the start you get to choose between three planes, seven pilots and three time manipulation devices. Your sub-weapon changes depending on what pilot you have.

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