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    Singed, the Mad Chemist

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Singed is a tank/caster dps champion in the strategy game League of Legends.

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    Singed is a descendent from a long line of revered chemists of Zaun. Even in his youth he distinguished himself from all other chemists. Singed was chosen to be an apprentice to the master apothecary Warwick within the Noxian military. Singed worked tirelessly and absorbed every detail of Warwick's deadly craft. When the curse of lycanthropy claimed his master he was ready to take over his role. Singed was eager to show his genius by bringing a new brand of suffering to the Ionian front. At times there we no suitable subjects available to Singed, so he resorted to testing his creations on himself. Singed became burned and his form warped. His nerves had deadened and his body both ruined and sustained by his creations. When the League of Legends brought peace, Singed journeyed to the Institute of war where he could join up and continue to showcase his concoctions.


    AttributeBase StatGrowth Per Level
    Magic Resist30-
    Move Speed320-
    Attack Speed0.6131.81%
    Health Regen7100.55
    Mana Regen4.100.35


    (Innate): Singed gains 1 maximum health for every 4 points of maximum mana he has-
    Poison Trail
    (Toggle): Singed leaves behind a trail of poison that lasts for 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the poison will be dealt magic damage per second.

    Cloud Radius: 20
    Cost Per Second: 13 mana
    Cooldown: No cooldown
    Magic Damage Per Second: 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0.3 Per Ability Power)
    Mega Adhesive
    (Active): Singed creates a puddle on the ground at a target location causing enemies touching it to become slowed. The slow persists for 1 second once they exit the puddle.

    Range: 1,000
    Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana
    Cooldown: 14 seconds
    Slow: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75%
    (Active): Singed tosses target enemy over his shoulder and deals magic damage to it

    Range: 100
    Flip Distance: 550 (estimate)
    Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 mana
    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Magic Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+1.0 Per Ability Power)
    Insanity Potion
    (Active): Singed gains a flat increase to ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regen, mana regen, and crowd control reduction for 25 seconds.Cost: 150 mana
    Cooldown: 100 seconds
    Enhanced Stats: 35 / 50 / 65
    Crowd Control Reduction: 10 / 20 / 30 %


    Upon selection

    • "How about a drink?"


    • "I hear you."
    • "It's nearly time."
    • "Mix mix swirl mix."
    • "On my way."
    • "This may hurt."
    • "To shake, or not to shake."


    • "How'd that taste?"


    • "Shaken, not stirred."

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