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SingStar Danske Hits (SingStar Danish Hits in English) is the first installment in the long running series that only features songs from Danish artists. That does not mean that all of them sings in Danish (like Alphabeat or Aqua), but more than half of them do. The tracklist features both new and old songs, and a couple of them can also be found in the SingStore. None of the songs feature guitar support as of yet but "Back to the 80's" has dance support.


  • Alphabeat - The Spell
  • Aqua - Back to the 80's
  • Ataf - Sommerfugl
  • Bryan Rice - No Promises
  • Carpark North - Just Human
  • Celina Ree - Når du rør ved mig
  • Cut 'N' Move - Give It Up
  • Dúné - Dry Lips
  • Hej Matematik - Centerpubben
  • Hej Matematik - Walkmand
  • Jakob Sveistrup - Tænder På Dig
  • Joey Moe - Yo-Yo
  • Jooks - Hun vil ha' en rapper
  • Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
  • Laban - Hvor skal vi sove i nat
  • Lizzie - Ramt i natten
  • Magtens Korridorer - Picnic på Kastellet
  • Medina - Ensom
  • Medina - Kun for mig
  • Nabiha - Deep Sleep
  • Nik & Jay - En dag tilbage
  • Poul Krebs - Sådan nogen som os
  • Private - My Secret Lover
  • Rasmus Seebach - Engel
  • Rasmus Seebach - Glad igen
  • Shu-Bi-Dua - Sexchikane
  • Sukkerchok - Hvor som helst, når som helst
  • Tina Dickow - Give In
  • Volbeat - The Garden's Tale

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