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Not so Singularity

I love this game its something to get your mind of, After playing call of duty this game is a fresh breath of air the story is nice, 
and the guns are better one of them lets you control the bullet, its what Wanted should have been lol but never the less  this is a nice game to play, the multy-player is a good addition but will only grab your attention for some time over all its a rent  

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    Satisfyingly Classic FPS Action, Stymied Somewhat by Failed Attempts to Be Modern 0

    Singularity is a pretty basic "Half Life 2 With a Gimmick" game, but done better than most. The end result is a bunch of cheap setpieces haphazardly tied together by a throwaway the plot about evil scientist nonsense (but they have audio logs as if there are layers to peel back). The time manipulation gimmick is roughly comparable in depth-- or lack thereof-- to Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth. Point at a thing, press the magic button, and that's it. There are upgrade mechanics, but it's very poi...

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